Class 9 Employability Skills Unit 3 ICT Skills NCERT Book Solution

Class 9 Employability Skills

Chapter 3 ICT Skills NCERT Book Solution

Session 1: Introduction to ICT

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A. State whether the following statements are True or False

1. The full form of ICT is Information Commuting Technology.

Answer: False

2. Live sports and news can only be shown using ICT.

Answer: False

B. Short answer questions

1. Give any two uses of ICT at home.

Answer: E-mail, Communication, Online Shopping, Business, etc

2. What are the emerging skills in ICT?

Answer: Emerging ICT skills that you need are

  • knowing how to operate computers; and
  • knowing how to browse the Internet for collecting, storing, and disseminating information

3. What are the key skills one should possess to use ICT?

Answer: Key skills one should possess a sound knowledge to work independently on various software and computers.

Session 2: ICT Tools: Smartphones and Tablets — I

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A. Short answer questions

1. Identify the following symbols and write the name in the blank space.

Answer:  (a) Phone (b) Calendar (c) Music (d) Clock (e)  Photo (f) Message

2. Write any two differences between a smartphone and a tablet.

Answer: Differences between Smartphones and Tablets are-


  • The smartphone allows us to make calls and do things that we normally do using a computer, such as browsing the web, sending e-mails, making video calls, playing games, listening to music, watching movies, and much more.
  • Smartphones can be used anywhere – at home, in the office, or on the road.
  • Smartphones use a wireless network to make calls and to connect to the Internet.


  • The tablet’s screen is bigger than the mobile screen, so it is suitable for reading books, news, article, etc.
  • A tablet is a mini computer with input, output, and processing functions and you can perform all the functions that one can perform on a computer.
  • Tablets are not suitable for a phone call, while a smartphone is suitable.

Session 3: ICT Tools – Smartphones & Tables – 2

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A. Multiple-choice questions

1. What is a short-range wireless communication technology called?
(a) Wi-Fi
(b) Internet
(c) Bluetooth
(d) PS

Answer: (c) Bluetooth

2. Which part of the home screen is visible on all pages?
(a) Status bar
(b) Main icon area
(c) Dock
(d) Clock

Answer: (a) Status bar

3. What does GPS stand for?
(a) Global Positioning System
(b) Global Payment System
(c) Global Program System
(d) Global Pointing System

Answer: (a) Global Positioning System

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