informatics practices class 12

Class 12 Informatics Practical File

Index Practical’s of IP Pr. No. Practical’s Name / Description Page. No. 1. Write python code to find out the biggest and smallest three items from the given Series. The series Area has been created like:- Area = pd.Series([3659,858,9659,78965,34568, 12456, 6935, 25649, 85214, 9645,3695]   2. Write python code to find out the areas that […]

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XII Informatics Practices Syllabus

Informatics Practices  CLASS XII Code No. 065     2020-2021 1. Prerequisite:  Informatics Practices – Class XI  2. Learning Outcomes  At the end of this course, students will be able to: Create Series, Data frames and apply various operations. Visualize data using relevant graphs. Design SQL queries using aggregate functions. Import/Export data between SQL database and

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