Class 12 Computer Science Stacks NCERT Exercise Solution


NCERT Exercise Solution – Chapter 3 : Stack 1. State TRUE or FALSE for the following cases: a) Stack is a linear data structureAnswer: (a) Trueb) Stack does not follow LIFO rule Answer: (b) Falsec) PUSH operation may result into underflow condition Answer: (c) False. Underflow term is use in case of POP i.e. try …

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Python Important Programs and Practical’s


Important Python Programs and Practical – Basic and Advanced Level Python Programs – Basic Python Fundamentals. Flow of Control – Decision Making [if else] Flow of Control – Looping [while, for] Flow of Control – Jump Statement (break, continue) 20 Patterns Printing Programs Python Programs – Intermediate String Manipulation (Text Handling) List Manipulation Tuples Dictionary …

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Data Structure: Stacks – Notes

Python Data Structure Stacks Notes & Important Points Introduction: A data structure is a group of data that have different data types which can be accessed as a unit. It has well-defined operations, properties and behaviours. Data structure is a way of storing and organising information in the computer. General data structure types include array, …

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