Class 10 Employability Skills Board Exam Special 1 Mark Questions from SQP 2022-23

Class 10 Employability Skills: 1 Mark Question Bank

1 Mark Questions: Important for Class X Board Examination 2022-23

Instructions: In the Question paper, you will get 6 questions of 1 mark, You have to Answer any 4 out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills (1 x 4 = 4 marks).

1. ______________ operating system enables multiple users to work on the same computer at different times or simultaneously.

a. multiprogramming.        
b. multiprocessors.  
c. multi-user.           
d. multi-tasking.        

Answer: c. multi-user

2.  ___________ is a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of body and mind.

a. Meditation   
b. Nature Walk  
c. Yoga    
d. Physical Exercise 

Answer: c. Yoga  

3. From the following statements, which one is not correct about the Qualities of an entrepreneur            

a. Successful entrepreneurs adapt the habit of hard work from a very early stage.

b. Entrepreneur should not think optimistically about the future of the business.

c. Confident entrepreneur must not deviate from his/her decisions too early in case success is delayed.

d. Entrepreneurs like to function at their own will and rules.

Answer: b. Entrepreneur should not think optimistically about the future of the business

4. To remove the files of temporary folder, we type _____________ in Run dialog box after pressing “Windows button + R” on the keyboard.

a. #temp#                  
b. %temp%               
c. $temp%              
d. &temp&  

Answer: b. %temp%

5. __________ is not the quality of self-confident people.

a. Dependent  
b. Hard Working  
c. Positive Attitude
d. Commitment

Answer: b. Hard Working

6. From the following statements, which one is not the positive impact of Entrepreneurship on society:

a. Stimulates Innovation and Efficiency   
b. Creates Jobs and Employment Opportunities

c. Solves the problems of the society  
d. Discourages welfare of the society

Answer: d. Discourages welfare of the society

7. Which of the following is NOT a physical sign of stress?

a) Dry mouth     
b) Guilt     
c) Fatigue    
d) Cold hands

Answer: (b) Guilt

8. Having conscious knowledge of your own self, capabilities, feelings and one’s own character is called as ____________.

a) Self- Awareness     
b) Self- Motivation          
c) Self- Regulation           
d) Self- Assessment

Answer: (a) Self -Awareness

9. Write the full form of GUI.

Answer: Graphical User Interface

10. Give anyone use of anti-virus in computers.

Answer: Use of anti-vires in computer

(a) It can prevent data from getting corrupt.

(b) It is needed for device protection

11. Which of the following is the Managerial function of an entrepreneur?

a) Idea discovery             
(b) Planning       
(c) Detailed investigation  
(d) Assembling the requirements

Answer: (b) Planning

12. Mr. Mohan is owner of a biscuit factory. He pays his employees on the 1st day of every month. Identity the function of an entrepreneur highlighted in the given statement.

(a) Creates a new product           
(b) Manages the business    
(c) Takes risk     
(d) Divides income

Answer: (b) Manage the business

13. In “ABC” of stress management, “A- Adversity stands for _________.

a. The stressful event        
b. The way you respond to the event     
c. Actions and outcomes of the event    
d. Have a joyful life.

Answer:  a. the stressful event

14. Yoga is practiced to achieve control of _________.

a. Muscles          
b. Bones              
c. Mind        
d. Body and mind

Answer:  d. Body and mind

15. Which of the following is an example of a mobile operating system?

a. Windows        
b. UNIX        
c. LINUX              
d. iOS

Answer: d. iOS

16. By default, Windows 7 has a picture for the desktop background. Name that picture.

Answer: Wallpaper

17. In Which type of entrepreneurship, research is conducted to completely define a specific and core collective problem?

a. Social               
b. Agricultural                   
c. Small Scale    
d. Women

Answer: a. Social

18. Identify the women entrepreneur known as the “Queen of Herbal Beauty Care”.

a. Radhika Agarwal         
b. Aditi Gupta        
c. Shahnaz Hussain         
d. Falguni Nayar

Answer: Shahnaz Hussain

19. If students are unable to meet their assignment submission deadlines then which type of stress may induce?

a) Mental stress               
b) Physical stress   
c) Social stress        
d) Positive stress

Answer: a) Mental stress

20. Where are the Files and folders deleted by the user stored in the computer?

a. Control Panel    
b. Recycle Bin   
c. Search Box     
d. Menu Bar

Answer: b.Recycle Bin

21. Which ancient practice includes a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of body and mind ?

a) Meditation    
b) Physical Exercise        
c) Listening music            
d) Yoga

Answer: d) Yoga

22. How do Entrepreneurs innovate into the market?

a. by bringing unique and new products and services
b. by doing exercises
c. by contesting elections
d. by wastage of natural resources

Answer: a) by bringing unique and new products and services

23. Which of the following shortcut keys is used to paste a file?

(a) Ctrl + C
(b) Ctrl + P
(c) Ctrl + V
(d) Ctrl + X

Answer: (c) Ctrl + V

24. State any one function of an entrepreneur.

Answer: Managerial functions, Commercial Functions, Entrepreneurial Functions Promotional Functions (Any one)

25. The ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

(a) Emotional intelligence            
(b) Emotional awareness
(c) Emotional feeling          
(d) Emotional admiration

Answer: (a) Emotional intelligence

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