50+ Cyber Ethics Important Question Answer

Class 10 Computer Application 165

Unit 3 – Cyber Ethics Important Question Answer

Que 1: What is ethics?

Answer: Ethics is the approach, behaviour or principle that a person must follow to keep or maintain morality in the society.

Que 2: What is Cyber ethics?

Answer: Ethics that should be followed while using the internet, called Cyberethics.
Cyberethics is a practice, which you should follow while using IT resources or computing technology. It specifies that, use the resources without damaging anything.

Que 3: What is Netiquettes?

Answer: Netiquettes is the combination of two words net and etiquette. It can be defined as the behaviour or informal guidelines that are followed by the user of the Internet.

While using the computer technology, the user must apply

  • Common Sense
  • Courtesy
  • Proper dialects

Que 4: Write the Social networking Netiquettes.

Answer: You must follow this netiquette while using the social networking site.

  • Be sensitive
  • Behave properly
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Share only legitimate and authentic information.
  • Avoid spreading rumors.
  • Don’t share the negative post.

Que 5: What is E-mail Netiquettes?

Answer: E-mail netiquettes are the basic etiquette and courtesy that should be followed while sending e-mail & receiving e-mail. We should take care to respect of receivers.

Que 6: Write four E-mail netiquettes?

Answer: Some of the E-mail netiquettes are:-

  • Use proper salutations.
  • Check your inbox at regular intervals, so that you send a reply on time.
  • Protect the privacy of e-mail messages.
  • Protect the privacy of e-mail addresses.
  • Be brief.
  • Always use a proper meaningful subject heading.
  • Be brief and to the point.

Que 7: What are Chat and IM?

Answer: Chat and IM (Instant Messaging) are the features on the Internet, which allow communicating with people in real-time. It allows simultaneous and synchronous interaction either in a group or public forum or between two people.

Que 8: Write four Chat and IM etiquettes.

Answer: Chat and IM (Instant Messaging) etiquette are-

  • Be brief.
  • Use emoticons.
  • Respect other convenience.
  • Respect the privacy of others.
  • Don’t share unwanted messages.
  • Don’t post messages in mass.

Que 9: What is a software license?

Answer: A software License is the authorization to use a software. Generally, a buyer of the license is not the owner of the software, he is the user of that software and it depends on the type of license which he purchased.

Que 10: Write the name of four different types of software licenses.

Answer: Different types of software licenses are:-

  • (a) Open Source Software
  • (b) Free Software
  • (c) Proprietary Software
  • (d) Shareware
  • (e) Freeware

Que 11: Write the name of four open-source software licenses.

Answer: Open Source Software licenses that have been approved by Open Source Initiative are:

  • (a) Apache License 2.0
  • (b) GNU General Public License
  • (c) MIT License
  • (d) Mozilla Public License
  • (e) Eclipse Public License

Que 12: What is a OSS?

Answer: OSS stands for Open Source Software, which refers to software whose source code is available to customers and it can be modified and redistributed without any limitation.
An OSS may come free of cost or with a nominal payment in the name of support or maintenance.

Que 13: What is FLOSS?

Answer: FLOSS stands for Free Livre and Open Source Software. FLOSS is used to refer to a software which is both free software as well as open-source software.
Livre means freedom.

Que 14: What is Proprietary Software?

Answer: Proprietary Software is software that is neither open nor freely available. You need to purchase a license to use this software. The source code of proprietary software is not available. You can only use the software if you have a license, you can not share and distribute it.

Que 15: Differentiate between Open Source Software and Proprietary Software.

Answer: Open Source Software vs Proprietary Software

Open Source SoftwareProprietary Software
1. Open Source Software is freely available.
2. Source code is available.
3. You can download and use it freely.
4. You can share with friends.
1. Proprietary Software is freely not available.
2. Source code is not available.
3. You can not use it without a proper license.
4. You can not share with friends.

Que 16: What is shareware?

Answer: Shareware is software that is available free for a certain period of time then a license fee should be paid. You can download the shareware and can distribute it also. But you can’t make any changes to it.

Que 17: What is freeware?

Answer: Freeware is software, which is available free of cost and which allows copying and further distribution, but not modification, and whose source code is not available.

Que 18: What is free software?

Answer: Free Software means the software is freely accessible and can be freely used, changed, improved, copied and distributed. No payments are needed to be made for free software.

Que 19: What has published the definition of Free Software?

Answer: The definition of Free Software is published by Richard Stallman’s Free Software Foundation.

Que 20: What do you mean by Free Software?

Answer: Software is said to be ‘free software, if the software’s users have the four essential freedoms:

  • Freedom 1: Freedom to run.
  • Freedom 2: Freedom to study.
  • Freedom 3: Freedom to redistribute.
  • Freedom 4: Freedom to change.

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