Informatics Practices Answer Key Class 12 CBSE Term 1 Examination 2021 Download pdf

Class 12 Informatics Practices 065

Term 1 Examination Question Paper with Answer Key

Download pdf
CBSE Term 1 Examination Informatics Practices Question Paper – Code 065 Download Pdf

Informatics Practices Term 1 Examination 2021 Answer Key – Download

Class 12 Informatics Practices

1. A2. A3. D 4. D5. D
6.  A7. B8. B9. A10. C
11. B12. C13. B14. D15. B
16. C17.  A18. B19. C20. A
21. C22. D23. All Incorrect *24. D25.B
26. A27. C28. B29. C30. C
31. B32. C33. D34. D35.  A
36. D37. C38. A39. A40.  D
41. C42.D43. A44. B45. B
46. B47.  C48. B49.  B50. ** All incorrect
51. B52.  D53. A54. C55. A

* 23 count() used to count non-NaN values, len() used to count total values. So for number of NaN value you can use : len(seriesObject) – seriesObject.count()

 ** 50. In given output, Rollno is missing, Otherwise D.

Class 12 Computer Science 083 Term 1 Examination Answer Key – Download PDF

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