Class 10 Computer Application code 165 Term – II Examination Answer Key

Answer Key Term – II Examination

Class 10 Computer Application code 165

Computer Application code 165 Term 2 examination was held today, dated 23-05-2022. I hope your exam was so nice. For your reference, i am publishing the answer key to this question paper. I hope it is very helpful for you.


Question 1:

<audio controls = "controls" autoplay = "TRUE">
    <source src="GulzarNote1.mp3" type="audio/mp3">

<video controls="controls" width="350" height=250>
    <source src="GulzarMovie1.mp4">

Question 2:

Website A website is a collection of web pages linked together. A website refers to a central location on a web server that contains more than one web page. is the website.

Webpage : The webpage is the collection of interrelated information. is an example of a webpage.


Web Browser : A web browser is a client application program that is used to access the websites on the internet. It sends the request to the server and displays the result.

The most popular web browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Torch, Sea Monkey, Avant Browser, Deepnet Browser, etc.

Question 3:

<A href = “” target=”_blank”>Click to open</a>

Question 4:

Outline is a line drawn around the elements, it is just after border. Border is a boundary line around the content.

There is no gap between content and outline, while a gap is possible between border and content.


Question -5:

(a) SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

(b) POP3 – Post Office Protocol 3


The SMTP protocol is used to manage to send and distribute emails, while the POP3 protocol is used to manage to receive incoming emails.

Question 6:

e-Governance : refers to the application of electronic means in governance with an aim of fulfilling the requirements of common man at affordable costs and in fastest possible time.

Merits of e-Governance:

(a) Saving Time

(b) Reduce Costs

(c) Improved efficiency of administration

(d) Increase public participation

Question 7:

Web address is the address of any website i.e. uniform resource locator.

E-mail address is the digital address of any person, through which he/she can send or receive e-mails.

Example : (Web Address)

           (E-mail address)


SMS = Short Message Service

MMS = Multimedia Messaging Service

SMS is a text message and maximum of 160 characters long. while MMS is a multimedia message in which you can send multimedia content like pictures, audio, video, etc.


Question 8:

(a) E-mail /

(b) Telnet / SSH

(c) FTP



Question 9:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Question - 9</title>

<body style = "color : Tomato; background-color: lightblue; font-family : Helvetica">
    <table border = 1>
         <th>Roll No.</th> <th>Name</th><th>Marks</th><th>Class Average</th>
<td>1</td><td>Amit</td><td>95</td><td rowspan=3 valign='middle'>95.5</td>
            <td colspan=3>Teacher Mr. Hamid</td>


Question – 9
Roll No.NameMarksClass Average
Teacher Mr. Hamid

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