Class 10 Computer Applications 165 Networking Ch 1 – Internet Basics 200+ Question and Answer

Unit 1 Networking 200+ Question Answers

Internet Basics

1. What is Network?

Answer: A network is an interconnection of similar types of devices for sharing data, information, and resources.

2. What is Computer Network?

Answer: A computer network is a group of computers linked to each other that enables the computer to communicate with another computer and share its resources.

3. What is Internet?

Answer: The Internet is a computer-based worldwide communications network, which is composed of a large number of smaller interconnected networks. Internet is the example of WAN (Wide Area Network).

4. What are the properties of the Internet?

Answer: The main properties of the Internet are: –

(a) Internet links tens, hundreds, or thousands of computers, enabling them to share information with each other.

(b) Internet has made it possible for people all over the world.

(c) The internet is a decentralized system. Each connected individual can communicate with anyone else on the Internet.

5. What is WWW?

Answer: The World Wide Web (WWW) is a set of programs, standards, and protocols that allows multimedia and hypertext files to be created, displayed, and linked on the Internet.

6. Initially internet is used for which purpose?

Answer: From the late 1960s to the early 1990s, the Internet was a communication and research tool used almost exclusively for academic and military purposes.

7. In which year was WWW introduced?

Answer: WWW or World Wide Web or Web is introduced in 1989.

8. Who developed and proposed WWW?

Answer: WWW was proposed between 1989-1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. It becomes more popular after the invention of HTML by Tim Berners-Lee and a text browser in 1990.

9. What are the differences between WWW and Internet?

Answer: The Internet is the collection of computers or networking devices connected together while WWW is a collection of documents linked via a special link called hyperlinks.

WWW forms a large part of the Internet but it is not the Internet.

10. Internet consists of what?

Answer: The Internet is not just web pages it also consists of – (a) forums, (ii) Research databases, (iii) Usenet, (iv) email, and (v) instant messaging systems.

11. What is a web server?

Answer: A Web server is a WWW server that stores web documents and responds to the request made by the web browsers. Some examples of web servers are Apache, UUS, ngix, GWS, Netsite, etc.

12. Differentiate between server and web server?

Answer: A server is a computer that has server software loaded on it. Its main job is to share resources for clients like printers, files, sharing storage. For example mail server, file server, etc.

A web server is a specific protocol type of server, looking only for HTTP requests instead of many different types of resource requests. Web server stores websites like When a web browser request for a website, then web server provides websites pages and sends them back to the browser.

13. Give an example of Web Server software?

Answer: Some popular Web server software are Apache web server, Apache Tomcat, Web server IIS, The lighttpd server, Jigsaw web server, Sun Java system web server, etc.

14. List the services provided by a Server?

Answer: Services provided by a Server are –

(a) Resources (Hardware / Software) Sharing

(b) File Sharing

(c) Centralised Virus Scanning

(d) Centralised Backup

15. List the services provided by a Web Server?

Answer: Services provided by a Web Server are –

(a) Serving Web Pages

(b) Running Gateway CGI program and Returning output

(c) Controlling access to the Server

(d) Monitoring and Logging all Access

(e) Server Side Scripting

16. What is Web Site?

Answer: A website or a site is a group of related web pages hosted on a web server that are linked together and share a common interface and design. Generally, web pages are written in a hypertext markup language.

17. What are the components of a Website?

Answer: Components of websites are –

(a) Webhost (b) Address (c) Homepage (d) Design (e) Content (f) The Navigation structure

18. Differentiate between Web portal (Portal) and Website?

Answer: A web portal is a collection of web services like email, search engine, gaming, weather, news, etc., while a Website is a collection of webpages, offering specialized services.

Example : Web Portal => Google, Yahoo, Rediff, MSN< AOL, etc.

Website =>,

19. What do you mean by Web Pages?

Answer: A web page is a collection of content, specially written and managed in HTML. It is a digital document that is linked to the World Wide Web and viewable by anyone connected to the internet having a web browser.

20. What are the different components of Web Pages?

Answer: Components of web pages can be categorized in two ways

(a) Content wise and (b) Structure wise.

21. Write all components of web pages according to content wise.

Answer: Components of web pages according to Content wise

(a) Hypertext and (b) Hyperlink.

22. Write all components of web pages according to structure-wise.

Answer: Components of web pages according to Structure wise

(a) Page Title (b) Header (c) Body of the web page (d) Navigational Links (e) Footer.

23. What is hypertext?

Answer: Hypertext refers to the combination of text, graphics, images, audio & video tracks, and hyperlinks.

24. What is a hyperlink?

Answer: Hyperlink refers to a dynamic link upon clicking at which a new page or program opens.

25. What is the difference between a Webpage and a Website?

Answer: A website is a collection of web pages linked together. A website refers to a central location on a web server that contains more than one web page. is the website.

The webpage is the collection of interrelated information. is an example of a webpage.

26. What is a Web Browser?

Answer: A web browser is a client application program that is used to access the websites on the internet. It sends the request to the server and displays the result.

27. Write the name of the five Web Browsers?

Answer: The most popular web browsers are – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Torch, Sea Monkey, Avant Browser, and Deepnet Browser, etc.

28. Write the name of the first Web Browser?

Answer: The MOSAIC, developed by NCSA – National Centre for Supercomputing Application, was the first web browser.

29. How many types of Web Browsers?

Answer: There are two types of Web browsers –

(a) Graphical Browser – allows accessing text, images, audio, and video. Example- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc.

(b) Text only Browser – allows accessing the web in the text mode only. Example – Lynx,

30. What is a blog?

Answer: A blog is a kind of website. The term “blog” is the shortened form of “weblog”. Weblog means a diary or journal on the web.

A blog refers to an online journal where entries are posted. For example –

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