Class 10 Computer Applications 165 Networking Internet Web Services 100+ Question and Answer

Class 10 Computer Applications [Code 165]

Unit 1 Networking Protocols Question Answers

Web Services

1. What are Web Services?

Answer: Web services are the services or applications available via the web through the use of specific protocols.

2. List out the four popular Web Services.

Answer: Four popular web services are chat, email, video-conferencing, and social networking.

3. What is chatting?

Answer: Online textual talk is called chatting. Chatting is one of the popular services on the Internet. Chatting is like a textphone.

4. How does chatting work?

Answer: In chatting, you type a message on your screen, which is immediately received by the recipient; then the recipient can type a message in response to your message, which is received by you instantly.

5. What is a Chat room?

Answer: A chat room is a website or a part of some online service that provides an online venue for communities of users with a common interest to communicate in real-time.

If you want to chat, you need to log on to a server that provides chat facilities.

6. What are the commonly used types of Chat?

Answer: Commonly used types of chat are –

(i) Instant Messing (IM)

(ii) ICQ

(iii) IRC

(iv) Web-based Chat

7. What do you mean by Instant Messaging (IM)?

Answer: Instant Messaging (IM) is a type of communication service via IM software that enables one to create a kind of private chat connection with another individual. It is a real-time communication system like a phone. It is a text-based communication system.

The most famous messenger software is – AOL messenger.

8. What is ICQ?

Answer: ICQ stands for “I seek you”. ICQ offers chatting via ICQ software. It is used as a conferencing tool by individuals on the Net to chat, e-mail, perform file transfers, play computer games, and more.

ICQ software assigns a unique ICQ number to everyone. In ICQ software, a nickname can be the same but the ICQ number not be the same.

9. What is IRC?

Answer: IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC chat service can be done with the help of the IRC Client program. Through the IRC client program, you can connect with the IRC server and after connection, you are able to join rooms, known as channels. The IRC is not owned by any company.

10. What do you mean by Web based Chat?

Answer: Web-based chat is just like IRC but it is different from it in the sense that it’s on a specific website and no program is really needed to install on the computer.

11. What is video conferencing?

Answer: Video conferencing is a two-way videophone conversation among multiple participants.

12. What all equipments are required for video conferencing?

Answer: [Multimedia PC, Web Camera, Microphone] / [Smartphone], Internet Connection, Videophone Software

13. Write some popular software for video conferencing?

Answer: Popular software: – Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft TeamViewer, ooVoo, Adobe Acrobat Connect, AT & T Connect

14. What are the advantages of video conferencing?

Answer: Advantages of Video Conferencing are-

  • Allows conducting meetings with people at different locations across the globe.
  • Saves time and travel costs.
  • Ideas and knowledge can be communicated quickly between all those in the meeting.
  • Excellent way of keeping in touch with friends and family,
  • You can see people as well as hear them.

15. What are the disadvantages of video conferencing?

Answer: Disadvantages of Video Conferencing are-

  • Specific software and hardware are required.
  • Costly to implement.
  • A very reliable and fast internet connection is required.
  • Dependency on hardware and an internet connection, if fail then communication not possible.
  • A high-quality video camera is required to capture the people.
  • Proper adjustment of the camera is required.

16. What is e-Learning?

Answer: e-Learning stand for Electronic Learning. It refers to the learning done with the help of electronic media like computers, smartphones, internet, CD, DVD, etc.

16. Why e-Learning is so popular?

Answer: e-Learning is the next-generation instruction method which can be web-based training, internet-based training and computer-based training. e-Learning provides a three-dimensional simulated environment to understand the concepts easily. e-Learning can be done anywhere and anytime.

17. Why e-Learning is better than classroom learning?

Answer: e-Learning, in some ways, is even better than classroom learning because it is a one-on-one learning method, it is self-paced and it has an experiential-learning format.

18. What are the benefits of e-Learning?

Answer: The major benefits of e-Learning are:

  • Reduced overall cost – it is less expensive and sometimes it is free of cost.
  • e-Learning is self-directed and self-paced.
  • e-Learning is interactive and hands-on.
  • e-Learning is flexible i.e. e-Learning can take place anytime and anywhere.
  • e-Learning is easily manageable with the help of e-Learning software.
  • Consistent delivery of e-Learning material.

19. Write the name of popular e-Learning software?

Answer: e-Learning software are: moodle, olat, Front, H5P, chamili, seminars, vdemy, articulate, audacity, skill share, etc.

20. What is e-Banking?

Answer: The banking services used through electronic measures via the internet is called e-Banking.

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