Class 10 Information Technology 402 – Video Tutorial

X Information Technology Code 402

Video Tutorial

Unit 1: Digital Documentation (Advanced)

Session 1: Create and Apply Styles
Session 2: Insert and Use Images
Session 3: Create and Use Templates
Session 4: Create and Customize Table of Contents
Session 5: Implement Mail Merge

Unit 2: Electronic Spreadsheets (Advanced)

Session 1: Analyse Data using Goal Seek and Solver
Session 2: Link Data and Spreadsheet
Session 3: Sharing Worksheet Data
Session 4: Create and Use Macros in Spreadsheet

Unit 3: Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)

Session 1: Appreciate the Concepts of Database Management Systems
Session 2: Create and Edit Tables using Wizard and SQL Commands
Sessioin 3: Perform Operations on Tables
Session 4: Retrieve data using Query
How to use SQL Commands in OpenOffice Base
Session 5: Create Forms and Reports using Wizard in OpenOffice Base

Unit 4: Web Application and Security

Session 1- Working with Accessibility Options
Session – 2 Networking Fundamentals

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