Class 10 Info Tech Unit 1 Digital Documentation Create and Apply Styles MCQs

Class 10 Info Tech 402 Unit 1: Digital Documentation (Advanced)

Session 1: Create and Apply Styles 50+ MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s)

1. A _____ is a set of formats that you can apply to selected pages, text, frames.

a. Style

b. Template

c. Image

d. Graphics

Answer : (a) Style

2. We can quickly change the appearance of documents by applying styles.(T/F)

a. True

b. False

Answer : (a) True

3. Which of the following styles is not offered by

a. Page Style

b. Frame Style

c. Presentation Style

d. Video Style

Answer : (d) Video Style

4. Which of the style include header and footers, border, margins.

a. Character Style

b. Page Style

c. Frame style

d. Presentation Style

Answer : (b) Page Style

5. Which style affect the selected text such as font size, bold and italics format?

a. Cell Styles

b. Numbering Styles

c. Character Styles

d. Frame Styles

Answer : (c) Character Style

6. What is the shortcut for opening styles and formatting window?

a. F12

b. F8

c. F11

d. F10

Answer : (c) F11

7. Styles and Formatting Window is available in ______ menu.

a. Format

b. Insert

c. Tools

d. View

Answer : (a) Format

8. Fill Format mode help to apply styles to many different areas quickly.(T/F)

a. True

b. False

Answer : (a) True

9. When Fill Format mode is active, _____ click undo last Fill Format action.

a. right and left

b. left

c. right

d. None of the above

Answer : (c) right

10. To quit Fill Format mode press the ______ key.

a. Enter

b. Ctrl

c. Shift

d. Escape

Answer : (d) Escape

11. We can create style by :

a. New Style from a selection

b. Dragging and Dropping

c. Both (a) and (b)

d. None of the above

Answer : (c) Both (a) and (b)

12. We can create new styles by dragging selected text into Styles and Formatting Window.(T/F)

a. True

b. False

Answer : (a) True

13. We can modify the predefined styles also?(T/F)

a. True

b. False

Answer : (a) True

14. We can not copy the styles from other documents. (T/F)

a. True

b. False

Answer : (a) False

15. ______ styles are used to control all aspects of paragraphs

a. Character

b. Paragraph

c. Frame

d. None of above

Answer: b. Paragraph

16. The Styles group is available under the _______ tab. [ MS – Word]

a. Insert

b. Page Layout

c. Home

d. Design

Answer: c. Home

17. What operation do you perform in the document to change the style?

a. Change style

b. Load style

c. Modify style

d. Update style

Answer: c. Modify Style

18. The Style pane is floating or dockable pane.

a. True

b. False

Answer: a. True

19. Page styles include page size, margins, headers and footers, borders and backgrounds.

a. True

b. False

Answer: True

20. You cannot modify the predefined style in a document.

a. True

b. False

Answer: b. False

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