Session 2 Images in a Document Digital Document Advanced

Session 2: Images in a Document

Class 10 Info Tech 402 Digital Documentation Advanced

1. How many types of graphics can be used in Open Office Writer?

Answer: Two types of graphics can be used in Open Office Writer.

(a) Drawing Objects, and (b) Pictures

2. What are Drawing Objects?

Answer: Drawing Objects are graphics that can be inserted by drawing. These objects are available under the drawing toolbar.

3. Name some types of drawing objects supported by the Writer.

Answer: Autoshapes, curves, lines, graphics, Text Arts

4. What is Pictures?

Answer: Pictures are graphics that were created using specific programs or from other files.

5. Name some types of pictures supported by the Writer.

Answer: Bitmaps, Scanned Pictures, Photographs, and Gallery pictures.

Answer: (i) Drawing toolbar, (ii) Drawing toolbar, (iii) Drawing toolbar, (iv) Standard Toolbar

7. How can you insert Autoshapes?

Answer: All the autoshape drawing objects are available on the Drawing toolbar. The drawing toolbar can be activated by

Clicking on the Show Draw Functions Icon on the Standard toolbar.


By clicking View -> Toolbars -> Drawing

8. Write steps for Inserting a Drawing object (Circle / Ellipse / Rectangle) / line.

Answer: Steps for Inserting Drawing objects are

a) On the Drawing toolbar, click the shape (for Circle / Ellipse / Rectangle) / line.

b) Drag to document to draw shapes.

9. What is a Text box? What are the advantages of Text Box?

Answer: A text box is a rectangular box wherein you can insert text.

Advantages: A text box can be moved, grouped, ungrouped, rotated like other drawing objects.

10. Name some properties of Images / Drawing objects.

Answer: Brightness, contrast, colour mode, Transparency, Width, Height, Wrap, Ratio etc.

Digital Documentation Advanced Class 10 IT Code 402

Session 2: Images in a Document

11. What do you mean by resizing?

Answer: Resizing means changing the height and width of an image. It is also known as Scaling.

12. Write steps to resize an image.

Answer: The steps for resizing are:-

(i) Select the image

(ii) Drag any of the sizing handles to increase/decrease the image size.

13. What is Cropping?

Answer: Cropping means removing an unwanted area from an image starting from its boundary. In cropping only a part of the original image remains.

Cropping removes a continuous section. You can not remove a part of an image.

14. Write steps to crop an image.

Answer: The steps for Cropping are: –

(a) Select the image by clicking on it.

(b) Right-click the image and click Picture.

(c) In the Picture dialog box, select the Crop page.

(d) Once done, Click on OK.

15. What is wrap text around images?

Answer: Wrap text around the image in Writer is used to position text around the image while inserting an image in a document.

16. What types of Wrap settings are provided by OpenOffice Writer?

Answer: OpenOffice Writer provides the following types of Wrap Settings: –

(a) None: Text is placed above and below the image but not around it.

(b) Before: The text flows before the image.

(c) After: The text flows after the image.

(d) Parallel: The text, flows before and after the image.

(e) Wrap Through: The image is above the text.

(f) Optimal: The text flows around the image.

18. What is a Wrap Setting?

Answer: The wrap setting determines the relation between the text and the graphic.

19. What are the sizing handles of the image?

Answer: When an image is selected, it shows the small green squares on the image edge i.e. around the image, called Sizing Handles. These handles can be used to change the size of the image vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Resizing of image is called Scaling.

20. What is Cropping? How is useful?

Answer: Cropping is the process of removing an unwanted area from an image starting from its boundary.

Cropping is useful in removing an extra or unwanted portion of an image.

Cropping always removes continuous sections. It cannot remove a random part of an image.

21. What is the use of grouping of objects?

Answer: Grouping allows you to combine multiple objects to behave like one object. It is useful if we want to apply one action to all of them. Like moving, resizing, changing transparency, etc.

22. Write steps to group drawing objects.

Answer: The steps for grouping drawing objects are:

(a) Press the Shift button and hold it.

(b) Select multiple objects, by clicking on each of them (don’t release the shift button, while selecting multiple objects)

(c) Select Format -> Group -> Group command.

23. What is the scaling of an image? How do you do it in Writer?

Answer: Scaling means changing the size of a drawing object.

Select the drawing object. You will see green squares around the image, called sizing handles.

Select the sizing handles and move the mouse left or right or up or down.

24. You want to run your text over a transparent image. Which wrap setting would you choose for it?

Answer: Wrap Through

25. Write steps to delete an image.

Answer: To delete an image-

(a) Select the image by clicking on it.

(b) Press Delete key.

26. Write steps to insert a Picture from a File.

Answer: To Insert a Picture From a File image-

(a) Place the cursor in the document, where you want to insert an image.

(b) Choose Insert -> Picture -> From File command.

(c) Select the picture / graphic file, then click Open.

Answer: To Insert a Picture From a Gallery –

(a) Place the cursor in the document, where you want to insert an image.

(b) Click Tools -> Gallery command or Click on the Gallery icon on the standard toolbar

(c) Double-click on the image from Gallery. or drag and drop the image from the Gallery to your document.

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