Class 10 IT 402 Unit 1 – Digital Documentation Advanced Session 2: Insert and Use Images 50+ Que Ans

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Session 2: Insert and Use Images

Class 10 Info. Tech. Digital Documentation Advanced

Q.1. In how many ways you can insert (add) images in OpenOffice Writer?

Answer: Images can by added/inserted to/in a document in three ways –

(a) Image from File

(b) From a graphics program / clipboard,

(c) From a Scanner, and

(d) From the Open Office Gallery.

Q.2. If the image file is available on a computer, then in how many ways you can insert the image in Open Office Document?

Answer: In two ways. (a) Drag and Drop and (b) Insert Picture Dialog

Q.3. Write the steps to insert an image file using drag and drop.

Answer: Steps to insert an image file using drag and drop :-

(a) Open File explorer.

(b) Search the image, which you want to insert.

(c) Drag the image into the Writer document and drop it where you want it to appear.

This method will embed the image file in the writer.

Q.4. Write the steps to insert an image file using insert picture dialog.

Answer: Steps to insert an image file using insert picture dialog : –

  1. Click in the Open Office document where you want the image to appear.
  2. Choose Insert > Picture > From File from the menu bar.
  3. On the Insert Picture dialog, navigate to the file to be inserted, select it, and click Open.

Q.5. How can you insert the link of the image file, instead of creating a copy of the image file?

Answer: In the drag & drop method, hold the ctrl + shift keys while dragging the image.

In the Insert Picture dialog, select the Link checkbox, to create a link to an image file.

Q.6. Differentiate between embedding an image and linking an image.

Answer: In the case of embedding an image, the copy of the image is created inside the open office writer, and the file size increases. When you send that file, the file contains the image too.

In the case of linking, it creates a link of an image inside the open office writer document. When you send that document, you need to send the image file separately. Otherwise, the image will not be displayed in that file. The size of the document is not increased so much.

Q.7. What is a clipboard?

Answer: Clipboard is a program, also known as pasteboard, which helps in copying and pasting the image, text, and documents from the source document to the target document.

Q.8. Write the steps to insert an image from the clipboard.

Answer: To insert an image from the Clipboard, do the following-

  1. Open both the source document and the target document.
  2. In the source document, select the image to be copied.
  3. Move the mouse pointer over the selected image and press Control+C to copy the image to the clipboard.
  4. Switch to the target document.
  5. Click to place the cursor where the graphic is to be inserted.
  6. Press Control+V to insert the image.

Q.9. What happened, if you close the source document before the pasting image in the target document?

Answer: The image stored on the clipboard could be lost and you are not able to paste the image.

Q.10. Write the steps to insert an image through/using a scanner.

Answer: To insert an image through the scanner do the following:-

  • (a) Click where you want the graphic to be inserted and
  • (b) Select Insert > Picture > Scan > Select Source.

Q.11. What is Gallery?

Answer: Gallery is a collection of different types of graphics objects and images. You can add your own pictures to Gallery. The Gallery is available in all components of OpenOffice.

Q.12. Write the purpose of the Gallery.

Answer: The Gallery provides a convenient way to group reusable objects such as graphics and sounds that you can insert into your documents.

Q.13. Write the steps to insert an image from the Gallery.

Answer: To insert an image through the Gallery do the following:-

  • (a) First open the Gallery, either by clicking on Gallery Icon or choose on Tools -> Gallery option.
  • (b) Navigate through the Gallery to find the desired picture.
  • (c) Click and drag the desired picture from the Gallery into the Writer document. OR You can also right-click on the picture and choose Insert ->Copy.

Q.14. Which toolbar is used to modify an image?

Answer: Picture toolbar

Q.15. How can you change the color image to grayscale?

Answer: By using the Graphics mode of the picture toolbar. Select color image to grayscale.

Q.16. How can you create a mirror image of an Image in OpenOffice writer?

Answer: By using the Flip option. Flip Vertically or Flip Horizontally.

Q.17. Which option is used to apply special effects to an image?

Answer: Filters

Q.18. Which filter’s effect is used to create the watermark or wrap the image in the background?

Answer: Transparency

Q.19. How can you keep some parts of an image?

Answer: By using cropping.

Q.20. Write the steps to crop an image.

Answer: To crop an image,

  • (a) Right-click on the image and select the Picture option.
  • (b) In the Picture dialog box, select the Crop page.
  • (c) Under the Crop page, select the appropriate values for different parameters.

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