Class 12 Computer Science Answer Key (083) Term 1 Question Paper download pdf

Class 12 Computer Science 083

Term 1 Examination Question Paper with Answer Key

Download pdf
CBSE Term 1 Examination Computer Science Question Paper – Code 083 Download Pdf

Answer Key

1. B, D2. C3.  D4 . C5. C
6.  C7. D8. C9. B10. D
11. A12. C13. A14. B15. B
16. C17. B18. A19.  C20. D
21. A22. C23. B24. D25. A
26. C27. B28. D29. A30. D
31. A32. D33. C34. C35. D
36. C37. A38. D39. C40. B
41. C42. B43. C44. A45. C
46.D (Error, due to printing) ,
otherwise A is correct
47. C48. D -(Error – due to typing) ,
other wise B will correct
49. D50. B
51. A52. A53. A54. B55. C

Class 12 Informatics Practices Term 1 Examination 2021 – Answer Key

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