200+ MCQs Class 12 Informatics Practices Unit 4 Societal Impacts Set 3

Unit 4 Societal Impacts

Class 12 Informatics Practices New 065

Societal Impacts MCQ’s

Multiple Choice Questions Set 3

Q41. EULA stands for _____________

a. End User Leave Agreement

b. End User License Aim

c. End User License Agreement

d. None of the above

Ans. c. End User License Agreement

Q42. _________________covers all clauses of software purchase, viz., how many copies can be installed, whether source is available, whether it can be modified and redistributed and so on.





Ans. a. EULA

Q43. ___________ means using other’s work and not giving adequate citation for use.

a. Plagiarism

b. Licensing

c. Copyright

d. None of the above

Ans. a. Plagiarism

Q44. Licensing and copyrights are same terms. (T/F)

a. True

b. False

Ans. b. False

Q45. A ____________ is a type of contract between the creator of an original work permitting someone to use their work, generally for some price.

a. Agreement

b. License

c. Patent

d. Copyright

Ans. b. License

Q46. Presenting someone else’s idea or work as one’s own idea or work is called ________

a. Plagiarism

b. Copyright infringement

c. Patent infringement

d. None of the above

Ans. a. Plagiarism

Q47. Tanmay copy some contents from Internet, but do not mention the source or the original creator. This is an act of ______

a. Plagiarism

b. Copyright Infringement

c. Trademark Infringement

d. License Infringement

Ans. a. Plagiarism

Q48. _____________ means unauthorized use of other’s trademark on products and services.

a. Copyright Infringement

b. Trademark Infringement

c. Plagiarism

d. Patent

Ans. b. Trademark Infringement

Q49. GPL stands for ___________

a. General Public License

b. GNU General Private License

c. GNU General Public License

d. GNU Public License

Ans. a. General Public License

Q50. Ravi has installed WiFi router at home. We know that WiFi password is very important, and Ravi want to share wifi password. Now suggest Ravi with whom he can share wifi password.

a. Friends

b. Parents

c. Neighbor

d. None of these

Ans. b. Parents

Q51. CC (in reference to public license) stands for _____

a. Creative Commons

b. Carbon copy

c. Creative Comments

d. Creative Culture

Ans. a. Creative Commons

Q52. GPL is primarily designed for providing public license to a ______

a. software

b. websites

c. literature

d. music

Ans. a. software

Q53. FOSS stands for __________

a. For open source software

b. Free and open set software

c. Free and open source software

d. None of the above

Ans. c. Free and open source software

Q54. ____________ operating system come under FOSS.

a. Ubuntu

b. Unix

c. Mac

d. Windows

Ans. a. Ubuntu

Q55. ____________ browser come under FOSS.

a. Internet explorer

b. Chrome

c. Mozilla Firefox

d. None of the above

Ans. c. Mozilla Firefox

Q56. __________ is the unauthorized use or distribution of software.

a. Software piracy

b. Piracy

c. Software copy

d. Pirated Software

Ans. a. Software piracy

Q57. ___________ package come under FOSS.

a. Libre Office

b. Open Office

c. Both of the above

d. None of the above

Ans. c. Both of the above

Q58. _______ is defined as a crime in which computer is the medium of crime.

a. Computer crime

b. Cybercrime

c. Internet crime

d. Digital crime

Ans. b. Cyber crime

Q59. Which of the following is cybercrime?

a. Hacking

b. Phishing

c. Spamming

d. All of the above

Ans. d. All of the above

Q60. A ___________ is some lines of malicious code that can copy itself and can have detrimental effect on the computers, by destroying data or corrupting the system.

a. Cybercrime

b. Computer virus

c. Program

d. Software

Ans. b. Computer virus

Societal Impacts MCQ’s

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