Class 12 Information Technology Code 802 CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-23 Answer Key Download PDF


                        Sample Question Paper with Solution for Class XII

(Session 2022-2023)

Max. Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                      Max. Marks: 60

General Instructions:
  1. Please read the instructions carefully.
  2. This Question Paper consists of 24 questions in two sections – Section A & Section B.
  3. Section A has Objective type questions whereas Section B contains Subjective type questions.
  4. Out of the given (6 + 18 =) 24 questions, a candidate has to answer (6 + 11 =) 17 questions in the allotted (maximum) time of 3 hours.
  5. All questions of a particular section must be attempted in the correct order.
    1. This section has 06 questions.
    1. There is no negative marking.
    1. Do as per the instructions given.
    1. Marks allotted are mentioned against each question/part.
    1. This section contains 18 questions.
    1. A candidate has to do 11 questions.
    1. Do as per the instructions given.
    1. Marks allotted are mentioned against each question/part.
Q. 1Answer any 4 out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills (1 x 4 = 4 marks)
i.What is a Start up?  

Answer:   A startup is a company that is in the first stage of its operations. Startups can be started with minimum investment.  
ii.Ms Sharma has saved marks of all students in a spreadsheet. What should she do to find out three students with the highest total marks?  

Answer:   she can sort the data on the total marks.  
iii.Why do entrepreneurs require persistence as one of the competences to succeed?  

Answer:   Persistence is the ability to continue to do something, even when it is difficult. It is one of the attitudes and competencies to become a successful entrepreneur.  
iv.Vikky had big dreams when he was studying. He worked hard for achieving his dreams and has achieved his goals. Which of the following options does the given fact refer to?
a. Positive thinking b. Result Orientation c. Self Awareness d. Emotional management  

Answer:   b. result orientation  
v.Rina loves interacting with people and is, generally, talkative. She can easily make friends and make any gathering lively, is confident. Identify the type of personality Reema possesses.
a. Nervous b. Extrovert c. Paranoid d. Agreeable  

Answer:   b. Extrovert  
vi.State true or false. “Self-Motivation is significant in building one’s personality. “  
Answer:   true  
Q. 2Answer any 5 out of the given 7 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks) 
i.Which of the following is not a characteristic of a project?
a. Project has a beginning and an end.
b. The extent of the project is defined.  
c. Project has no boundaries.
d. Project requires finite resources  

Answer:   c. Project has no boundaries.  
ii.A group of statements which get executed based on a condition in java is called               .
(i) Selection (ii) Sequential (iiii) Iteration (iv) None of these  

Answer:   (i) Selection  
iii.Which of the following is true for self-referencing table?  
a. A foreign key constraint can reference columns within the same table.
b. A primary key constraint can be null.
c. You cannot delete this table.
d. You cannot update or delete this table.  

Answer:   a. A foreign key constraint can reference columns within the same table.  
iv.Identify the operator that performs pattern searching in MYSQL.
a. EXISTS operator b. BETWEEN operator c. LIKE operator d. SEARCH operator  

Answer:   (c) LIKE  
v.What should we do to make a data member or a method member of a class visible only within the class?  

Answer:   To make a data member or a method member of a class visible only within the class, we add the keyword private before its declaration  
vi.Name any one central initiatives for e-governance.  

Answer:   NICNET – the national satellite-based computer network. Or District Information System of the National Informatics Centre (DISNIC) program to computerize all district offices  
vii.Which website should we search for the list of NCERT e books?  

Q. 3Answer any 6 out of the given 7 questions (1 x 6 = 6 marks) 
i.Name two domains where database management may be used.  

Answer:    Education, banking (or any other 2 work areas)
½+ ½
ii.If a=20 and b=30 What will be the value of a%=b?  

Answer:   20  
iii.List any two advantages of DBMS.  

Answer:   Reduction in Redundancy, Improved Consistency (or any other 2 advantages)  
iv.This website includes sites of different states and union territories of India, sites of government departments like judiciary and legislature. Which is this website?  
a. ii. iii. iv.  

v.Cardinality of a table is four and degree is three. If two columns and four rows are added to this table, what will be the new degree and cardinality of the given table? (a) 5,8 (b) 3,4 (c) 8,5 (d) 4,3  

Answer:   a. 5,8  
vi.The Phase of application development that involves creating a database and writing code is called                        
Answer:   Implementation Phase  
vii.b. Identify the valid variable names from the following Total marks , int , marks$ , marks4  

Answer:   marks$ , marks4 are valid variable names  
Q. 4Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks) 
i.This website provide high quality online courses for free, in collaboration with various universities across the globe. Which is this website?
a. b. khan academy c, d.  

Answer:   a.  
ii.While entering the data in the table, Seema is not able to leave the column age as blank in the table. What can be the possible reason?  

Answer:   NOT NULL constraint in age column  
iii.Mention any two modes of payment during online shopping.  

Answer:   different modes of payment – credit card, debit card, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery or e-gift voucher (mention any 2)  
½+ ½
iv.What is the need of JVM?   Answer:   When the bytecode (also called a Java class file) is to be run on a computer, a Java interpreter, called the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), translates the bytecode into machine code and then executes it  1
v.Which of the following queries will give the same output   select rollno, name from student where subject in (‘Information Technology’,’Informatics Practices’);select rollno, name from student where subject between ‘Information Technology’ and ‘Informatics Practices’;select rollno, name from student where subject =’Information Technology’ or subject =’ Informatics Practices ‘; select rollno, name from student where subject =’Information Technology’ and subject =’Informatics Practices’;   Answer:   (a) and (c) are same  1
vi.Which member function of the Integer wrapper class allows access to the int value held in it?   Answer:   intValue() member function of the Integer wrapper class allows access to the int value held in it.  1
Q. 5Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)
i.Sagar has declared an array whose last element is having an index/position as 10. What would be the size of this array?   Answer:   11  1
ii.In the table teacher, Riya doesn’t want repeated values in column marks. Rewrite the correct command. select marks from teacher;   Answer:   SELECT DISTINCT MARKS FROM TEACHER;  1
iii.Rema wants to input the price of shoes as 999.99 .What should be the datatype and size of the column price in the table?   Answer:   Decimal (6,2)  1
iv.What is an exception in java?   Answer:   An error situation that is unexpected in the program execution and causes it to terminate unexpectedly is called an exception  1
v.How can you write multiline comments in java program?   Answer:   Writing the comment between the symbols /* and */  1
vi.What is the purpose of wait () method in java threads?   Answer:   This method is useful when you have multiple threads running but you want one of them to start execution only when another one finishes and notifies the first one to resume execution  1
Q. 6Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks) 
i.What are the two ways to create a thread in java?   Answer:   In Java, threads can be created in two ways 1. By extending the Thread class 2. By implementing the Runnable interface  ½ + ½
ii.What is the difference between the following two java statements?   int x=5;integer y= new integer(50);   Answer:   In the first declaration, an int variable is declared and initialized with the value 50. In the second declaration, an object of the class Integer is instantiated and initialized with the value 50. OR The variable x is a memory location and the variable y is a reference to a memory location that holds an object of the class Integer.  ½ + ½
iii.Roma is booking a railway ticket using an online ticketing website When she reached to catch the train she found that she left the ticket at her hotel. What should she do? she can’t board the trainshe should book a new ticket at stationshe should go back and get the ticketShe can download the e-ticket from the website.   Answer:   d. She can download the e-ticket from the website  1
iv.What is the MYSQL command to list the names of teachers in alphabetical order in the teacher table?   Answer:   SELECT Name FROM Teacher ORDER BY Name;  1
v.Write the command to see the structure of a table?   Answer:   DESCRIBE1
vi.What do we mean by scope of a project?   Answer:   The focus is on “what” the application must do. Recognizing the limitations that are placed on the project.  1


Answer any 3 out of the given 5 questions on Employability Skills (2 x 3 = 6 marks) Answer each question in 20 – 30 words.

Q. 7Rohan has a successful start-up company. According to him ‘Decision Making is considered to be one of the important entrepreneurial competencies. Do you agree with Rohan.? Justify.   Answer:   Yes. If an entrepreneur does not have the ability to make suitable and timely decisions, the person may miss out on an opportunity and incur losses  ½+1½
Q. 8What do we mean by SMART goals?   Answer:   SMART goals means: – S: Specific a goal should have a specific purpose. M: Measurable Goals should always be measurable. A: Action-oriented Goal setting should include action-based steps. R: Realistic Goals must always be realistically attainable. T: Timely Goals must have deadlines or specified time limit.2
Q. 9What is a workbook? Name any one spreadsheet application.   Answer:   A workbook is a spreadsheet that has one or more worksheets eg Calc (or any other application)  1½+½
Q. 10How do you protect your spreadsheet from unauthorised access? Which menu option you will click to protect your spreadsheet?   Answer:   Protect your spreadsheet using a password. Click on Tools and select Protect Spreadsheet  1+1
Q. 11What are the various organizational skills required to become a successful entrepreneur?   Answer:   Ability to make the optimum use of time, energy and resources to achieve the desired goals like time management, Goal setting, efficiency, Managing quality.  2

Answer any 3 out of the given 5 questions (2 x 3 = 6 marks)

Q.12What will be the value of rem after the execution of the following code snippet? why? code =2; switch(code) {case 1: rem= 8; case 2: rem= 9; case 3: rem= 10; break; case 4: rem= 11; break;}   Answer:   10   Fall through statement since there is no break in case 2  1+1
Q.13The following commands are giving errors. Write the correct MYSQL commands. alter table student delete marks;select * from employee where name =‘%s%’;   Answer:   ALTER TABLE STUDENT DROP MARKS; SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE NAME LIKE ‘%S%’;1+1
Q.14Ms Prabha has mistakenly entered ‘‘AMIT’’ instead of ‘‘AMITA’’ in name field of table ‘TEACHER’. Help her to write the correct SQL command to make the desired changes in the table   Answer:   UPDATE Teacher SET NAME =”AMITA” WHERE NAME=”AMIT”;  2
Q.15A company is making database of its items and shipment. Item table includes item code, item name, item cost . Give details of Shipment Table along with its schema.   Answer:   SHIPMENT (Shipment_id, Details, Shipment_date)   Name                    Type                 Remarks Shipment_id        INT(10)             Shipment number (Primary Key) Details                  VARCHAR(30)  location details Shipment_date   DATE                 Date of shipment   (or ANY OTHER RELEVANT ATTRIBUTES)  1+1
Q.16What is the difference between a while and a do-while loop?   Answer:   A while loop is an entry controlled loop it tests for a condition prior to running a block of code. A do-while loop is an exit control loop. OR   A while loop runs zero or more times Body of loop may never be executed A do-while loop runs once or more times but at least once.  1+1

Answer any 2 out of the given 3 questions (3 x 2 = 6 marks)

Q.17Consider the following code int x = 1; while(x<=5); x = x +1; Name the coding error shown in the above code.What is the reason of the error? (c)Write correct java code.   Answer:   Syntax error This loop is an infinite loop. while ( x <=5 )  1+1+1
Q.18Give any two characteristics of a relational model.Which aggregate function is used to find the average of all the values for a selected attribute of a table.   Answer:   (a) In relational model, 1.A column is called an Attribute. 2.The value in each tuple is an atomic value. (Or any other 2 characteristics)   (b) AVG  2+1
Q.19List the various ways in which database management applications can be used  in Government Sector.   Answer:   Database management application cab used in For storing details of electoral roll, all types of taxes (Income tax, sales tax, house tax etc.), criminal records, details of PAN cards, AADHAR cards, vehicle registration, birth/death certificate registration.  3

Answer any 3 out of the given 5 questions (4 x 3 = 12 marks)

Q.20What are String Class Methods in Java? Consider the statement String name = ‘‘Hello World’’. Write a single line Java code using String methods to perform the following : Convert the name to lowercase.Replace “Hello” by “Welcome” in the given string.Check whether the name contains ‘‘Sin’’ in it or notAdd a new string ‘‘jackpot” at the end of original string.   Answer:   a. name.toLowerCase( ) b. name.replace(”Hello”,“Welcome”) c. name.contains(”Sin”) d. name.concat(”jackpot”)  1+1+1+1
Q.21Mr. Amit wants to go for a business trip .He is thinking of booking a flight. Name any one site which he should browse for booking an air ticket.Give any one benefit of online reservation to Amit?What are the precautions to be followed while performing online transactions?Give any one advantage to the company providing online reservation?   Answer:  a. (or any other reservation site) b. Convenient, time saving (or any other benefit) c. Make a password complex like mix case, use numbers and special characters. Be cautious not to leave passwords around. (or any other precaution) d. Requires Less Staffing, No Spatial Restrictions (or any other benefit)  1+1+1+1
Q.22Write a code in java using a for loop to display all odd numbers between 1 to 10. Is for loop an entry controlled loop or exit control loop?   Answer:   Loop to print odd numbers between 1 to 10: –   for (int count = 1; count <= 10; count = count +2)    {         System.out.println(count); }   Entry control loop  3+1
Q.23What is the need of a constructor in OOP? Explain all features of a constructor.   Answer:   A special method member called the constructor method is used to initialize the data members of the class.   Features of Constructor: – The constructor has the same name as the class, has no return type, and may or may not have a parameter list. Whenever a new object of a class is created, the constructor of the class is invoked automatically. We do not call the constructor explicitly.  1+3
Q.24Write the Mysql commands for the following queries :- TRAIN TrainID                              Station 0001                                   DELHI 0002                                   MUMBAI   COUNTER   TicketID                  Date                        Cost                        TrainNo T1                            12/3/22                    500                          0001 T2                            15/5/22                    450                          0002 T3                            15/5/22                    500                          0001   To find all the stations, date for ticket id as T1.To find the total ticket amount collected from each station.To displays all the tables created in the current database.To delete table counter along with the information in it.   Answer:   a. SELECT , DATE FROM TRAIN, COUNTER     WHERE TRAIN.TrainID=COUNTER.TrainNO and TicketID=”T1”;   b. SELECT SUM(COST), STATION FROM TRAIN, COUNTER      WHERE TRAIN.TrainID=COUNTER.TrainNO      GROUP BY STATION;   c. SHOW TABLES;   d. DROP TABLE COUNTER;4

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