Unit 2 Operating Web important 100+ Question Answer Class 12 IT 802

Class 12 Information Technology Code 802

Unit 2 – Operating Web

NCERT Book-Based Important Question Answer

Que 1: What is a Web-based application?

Answer: An application that can be accessed via a web browser, over a network connection is called a web-based application.

Que 2: What are the advantages of Web-based applications?

Answer: Advantages of Web-based applications are: –

  • 24 x 7 available.
  • Access the across the world.
  • Allow access from the comfort of home, office, car, etc.
  • Can use for financial online transaction
  • Can be used to get government services, online shopping, ticket booking, etc.

Que 3: How many types of Web-based applications?

Answer: The web-based online application can be broadly categorized into two categories: –

            (a) Application requires Financial Online Transaction

            (b) Application provide Information and allows interaction

Que 4: Give the example of a Financial online transaction-based web application.

Answer: The online reservation system, online shopping, bill payments, etc

Que 5: Give an example of Information providing web application.

Answer: e-Governance, online tutorial, etc.

Que 6: What is an Online Reservation System?

Answer: Online Reservation System is a web-based application that allows the booking/cancellation of tickets through the use of the Internet. A user can retrieve information and perform transactions related to the reservation of a ticket.

Que 7: Give an example of an Online Reservation System.

Answer: Some examples of Online Reservation Systems are –

  • Airline ticket
  • Railway ticket
  • Bus ticket
  • Movie ticket
  • Hotel booking
  • Car rental
  • Tour and travel booking

Que 8: What are the advantages of an Online Reservation System for consumers?

Answer: Online reservation systems are advantageous for both – the company and the consumer.

The advantages for consumers are

  • Convenient – It is convenient for consumers. They can book tickets anytime anywhere – from home, office, traveling, etc. Making changes to booking like cancellations, and upgradation is also easy. 
  • Save Time – It takes very less time in contrast to a long queue. It also saves the user time, going physically to a booking office, parking time, and money.
  • Price Comparison: Online booking allows the customer to check the price, compare them and get the best deal.
  • Security – Online reservation sites require the user to create their profile and provide them with a username and password. This way your personal information is always secured.
  • Confirmation of Reservation: The confirmation of booking just takes a few seconds. It is fast and secure
  • Making choices: In online booking, the user can see the arrangement of seats, select a particular seat, etc.
  • Discount Scheme: The users can avail of the special discount schemes provided by the service provider.

Que 9: What are the advantages of an Online Reservation System for companies or service providers?

Answer: Online reservation systems are advantageous for both – the company and the consumer.

Advantages for providers/companies are:

  • Require Less Staffing: Less manpower is required as every task is done through computers.
  • No Physical Place Restrictions: The organization can operate from the basement, a small room, a garage, etc. The organization can use the space as per its needs.
  • Reduce Bills: Online reservation also reduces bills for office rent, electricity, etc.
  • Global Access: Online reservation is available to anyone irrespective of their physical location. The scope of access to online reservations becomes large as anyone who has access to the Internet can search for the reservation site and book tickets. i.e. global access.

Que 10: What things you must have if you want to book tickets online i.e. to want to use an online reservation system?

Answer: To use the online reservation system, you must have –

  • A Computer or Smart Phone
  • Internet Access, and
  • Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking / UPI Payment etc.

Que 11: What precautions you must take while doing an online reservation system?

Answer: The precautions to be taken are as follows: –

  • Make your password complex by using mixed cases, use numbers, and special characters.
  • Not to leave or share your password with anyone.
  • Never use the names of near and dear ones as passwords.

Que 12: Write the steps of using Online Reservation Systems.

Answer: To use Online Reservation System, follow these steps: –

  • Open Google Chrome or any other web browser.
  • Open the website of the service provider by typing their URL or Searching it in Google Search Engine / Bing Search Engine.
  • If you have a User Id and Password, then click on Login. If not, then click on Sign Up and your registration. After successful registration, log in to your account.
  • Browse and search for the required information.
  • Use the website for reservations.

Que 13: Expand IRCTC.

Answer: IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

Que 14: Which online portal can be used for online railway ticket booking?

Answer: IRCTC

Que 15: Ananya is trying to Book an online railway ticket. Mention two precautions she has to take while making an online transaction; also write three advantages of online payment. [CBSE SQP]

Answer: Precautions

  • Use a strong password like a mixed case, and use numbers, and special characters. This decreases the ability of automated attacks by trying different character combinations.
  • Be cautious not to leave passwords around and do not share them with friends. Never use the names of near and dear ones as passwords.
  • Open the site on the authentic system
  • Delete History and cookies while working on the public network.


  • Doesn’t have to stand in long queues.
  • No Bribes
  • Can make payment at own ease.

Que 16: Mention any three advantages of Online reservation and two challenges faced by the end users while booking online railway tickets.   [CBSE SQP]

Answer: Advantages of Online Reservations:

1. The user/consumer can book tickets anytime anywhere

2. Customers can check the prices, compare them and get the best deal

3. The user can see the arrangement of seats, select a particular seat, etc.

4. Less man-power is required as every task is done through computers

5. Online reservation also reduces the bills for office rent, electricity

Challenges of Online Reservations:

1. Security while making payments and while working on Public Networks

2. Different Cancellation Policies

Que 17: What is the importance of the password field on an online reservation site?

Answer:  It Keeps the information secure

Que 18: Which of the following is a disadvantage of web-based applications:

a. They do not need to be installed.          
b. They are available 24X7.
c. They are slow as compared to software-based applications.
d. They offer cross-platform compatibility.

Answer: c. They are slow compared to software-based applications.

Que 19: Internet transactions are susceptible to fraud. Creating a strong password is vital. A strong password has:

a. 6-8 Alphanumeric characters

b. Special symbols

c. Only numbers

d. Both (a) and (b)

Answer: d. Both (a) and (b)

Que 20: Online reservation systems are advantageous both for the company providing reservation services and for the consumer who uses the online reservation system for booking.  [CBSE SQP 21]

i. User can read reviews posted by people while making choices during reservations.
ii. More manpower is required by providers to ensure smooth functioning.

Choose the correct justification to the statement given above:

a. Only i
b. Only ii
c. Both i and ii
d. Neither i nor ii

Answer: a. Only i

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