Data Structure: Queues Using List – Notes

  • Queue is an ordered linear data structure, following FIFO strategy.
  • Front and Rear are used to indicate beginning and end of queue.
  • In Python, the use of predefined methods takes care of Front and Rear.
  • Insertion in a queue happens at the rear end. Deletion happens at the front.
  • Insertion operation is known as enqueue and deletion operation is known as dequeue.
  • To support enqueue and dequeue operations, isEmpty, isfull and peek operations are used.
  • Deque is a version of queue, which allows insertion and deletion at both ends.
  • A deque can support both stack and queue operations.
  • Other operations supported by deque are insertfront, insertrear, deletefront, deleterear, getfront, getrear, isempty and isfull.

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