Sample Paper of Information Technology Code 402 Class 10 IT Code 402 SQP 1

Class 10 Information Technology Code 402 Sample Paper with Solution

Class 10 – Information Technology [Code 402]


Time: 2 hrs Max. Marks: 50 


  • 1. Please read the instructions carefully 
  • 2. This Question Paper consists of 21 questions in two sections: Section A & Section B. 
  • 3. Section A has Objective type questions whereas Section B contains Subjective type questions. 
  • 4. Out of the given (5+ 16 =) 21 questions, a candidate has to answer (5+ 10 =) 15 questions in the allotted (maximum) time of 2 hours. 
  • 5. All questions of a particular section must be attempted in the correct order. 
  • 6. Section A: Objective Type Questions (24 Marks) 
    • (i) This section has 05 questions. 
    • (ii) Marks allotted are mentioned against each question/part. 
    • (iii) There is no negative marking. 
    • (iv) Do as per the instructions given. 
  • 7. Section B: Subjective Type Questions (26 Marks) 
    • (i) This section has 16 questions. 
    • (ii) A candidate has to do 10 questions. 
    • (iii) Do as per the instructions given. 
    • (iv) Marks allotted are mentioned against each question/part. 


(Objective Type Questions) 

1. Answer any 4 out of the given 6 questions based on Employability Skills [1×4 = 4 Marks ]

(i) Identify the measure to protect computers from viruses. [1]

(a) Sharing passwords with friends (c) Use Antivirus 

(b) Allow anyone to use your device (d) Leave computer without logging out 

Ans. (c) Use Antivirus

(ii) ……….. means communication through spoken and written words. [1]

(a) Non-verbal communication  (b) Feedback 

(c) Verbal communication  (d) None of these 

Ans. (c) Verbal communication 

(iii) ……… is our body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. [1]

(a) Stress (b) Self-regulation (c) Self-motivation (d) All of these

Ans. (a) Stress 

(iv) A/ An……… has to create a spirit of teamwork and motivate them. [1]

(a) entrepreneur (b) government policy  (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of these 

Ans. (a) entrepreneur 

(v) A……. …… operating system is a computing environment that reacts to input within a specific period of time. [1]

(a) single-user (b) real time (c) multi-user (d) distribute 

Ans. (b) real time

(vi) Which of the following is necessary for the maintenance of the environment? [1]

(a) Poor management  (b) Sustainable development 

(c) Man made resources (d) None of these 

Ans. (b) Sustainable development 

2. Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions [1×5=5 Marks] 

(i) Which of the following is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet? [1] 

(a) Web application (b) System application (c) Internet application (d) None of the above

Ans. (a) Web application 

(ii) Which of the following is not a good choice as a field name for a database? [1]

(a) Emp_Id (b) Emp_dept (c) Emp_name (d) Emp_set 

Ans. (d) Emp_set 

(iii) The data in the data source is organized in [1]

(a) text form (b) image form (c) tabular form  (d) paragraph form

Ans. (c) tabular form 

(iv) Shalini is working in a school. She is the class teacher of VIII B. It is the time to enter the subject marks and grades of all students of her class in a worksheet. While entering the marks and grades, she has to scroll up again and again to the row where all subject names are entered, in order to avoid any mistakes in her entries. This process is consuming a lot of her time. Help her by letting her know about one such tool by which she can fix the field rows from the following and continue with her work without wasting much time. [1]

(a) Fix row (b) Fix column (c) Freeze panes (d) Freeze all 

Ans. (c) Freeze panes 

(v) Template is a ……… document based on which one can create a new document. [1]

(a) blueprint (b) printed (c) suggested (d) copied

Ans. (a) blueprint 

(vi) Which of the following is not an object of a database? [1]

(a) Report (b) Forms (c) Query (d) Functions 

Ans. (d) Functions 

3. Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions. [1×5=5 Marks]

(i) Grouping drawing object can be used for which of the following? [1]

(a) Combining drawing objects as one (b) Resizing 

(c) Adding more drawing objects (d) None of these 

Ans. (a) Combining drawing objects as one 

(ii) Aanya is making a table in Access to store data of all the employees working in her organization She has decided on the various information that she needs to store in that table. She also has to have a field in which only unique data can be entered. Out of the given fields suggest the best field suitable that can be used as a primary key, so that it can accept only unique data. [1] 

(a) Emp_name (b) Emp_dept (c) Emp_number (d) Emp_DOB 

Ans. (c) Emp number 

(iii) Computer connected with LAN [1]

(a) can work fast (b) can go online

(c) can E-mail (d) can share information or peripheral devices 

Ans. (d) can share information or peripheral devices 

(iv) State True or False.- “A custom style displays user-defined styles.” [1]

(a) True (b) False 

Ans. (a) True 

(v) According to Open Office Calc which of the following is not a What-if analysis tool? [1]

(a) Conditional formatting (b) Goal seek (c) Scenarios (d) Solver 

Ans. (b) Goal Seek 

(vi) ……… allows multiple users to view, edit and change in a spreadsheet. [1]

(a) Opening (b) Reviewing (c) Sharing (d) Collaborating 

Ans. (c) Sharing 

4. Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions. [1×5=5 Marks]

(i) What can you do with the Internet? [1]

(a) Exchange information with friends and colleagues. 

(b) Access pictures, sounds, video clips, and other media elements. 

(c) Find diverse perspectives on issues from a global audience. 

(d) All of the above 

Ans. (d) All of the above 

(ii) The Show Changes dialog box has which of the following settings? 

(a) Data (b) Comment (c) Views (d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

(iii) Reports are generally used to show the data in …… form. 

(a) printed (b) chart (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of these 

Ans. (a) printed 

(iv) ……… is an example of a text-based browser that provides access to the Internet in the text-only mode. [1] 

(a) Mozilla Firefox (b) Lynx (c) Internet Explorer (d) All of these 

Ans. (b) Lynx 

(v) Anila works in a Multi National Company (MNC) and needs to work online from home also. She requires fast Internet connection. Which type of Internet connection in your view would be best suited for her? [1]

(a) Dialup (b) Broadband (c) Both are suitable (d) None of these 

Ans. (b) Broadband 

(vi) Manya has created a spreadsheet using Calc, to find the average of the values in a range of cells. She wants to use a function, so that it is calculated automatically and also she can copy the same formula for other range of cells. Which of these functions will give the correct result? [1] 

(a) AVG (b) Average (c) Mean  (d) None of these 

Ans. (b) Average 

5. Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions [1×5 = 5 Marks] 

(i) Which data type is the most appropriate to store a short bio about an employee? [1] 

(a) Text (b) String (c) Memo (d) Large text 

Ans. (c) Memo 

(ii) If you have a safer and healthy workplace, there will be fewer days lost and it will have higher …. . [1] 

(a) employee satisfaction (b) productivity (c) stress levels (d) None of these 

Ans. (b) productivity 

(iii) When a primary key constraint is applied to one or more columns, then it is known as …….. . [1]

(a) composite primary key (b) foreign key (c) composite foreign key (d) connecting key 

Ans. (a) composite primary key 

(iv) Naina has created a database of all the employees working in her organisation. But these entries were done randomly. Her boss wants the entire list in ascending order of employee Id. She can do this by using which of the following tools in DBMS? [1] 

(a) Ordering data (b) Sorting data (c) Presenting data (d) Referring data 

Ans. (b) Sorting data 

(v) Rishabh wants to make a professional resume. He tried many times but the end result was not satisfactory as he was not knowing what all points should be there and that too in which order. Which one of the following writer would you suggest him, so that his problem is solved? [1]

(a) Template (b) Form (c) Worksheet (d) Format 

Ans. (a) Template 

(vi) What is the full form of RSI? [1]

(a) Repetitive Strain Injury (b) Rational Strain Injury 

(c) Repetitive Stress Injury (d) Risk Strain Injury

Ans. (a) Repetitive Strain Injury 


(Subjective Type Questions) 

• Answer any 3 out of the given 5 questions on Employability skills. 

• Answer each question in 20-30 words.       [2 x 3 = 6 Marks]

6. What are the disadvantages of non-verbal communication? [2]

Ans. Disadvantages of non-verbal communication are as follows: 

  • In the absence of language, this type of communication does not convey the actual meaning of the message. This makes the communication imprecise. 
  • It can be confusing as no clear message is conveyed. 
  • Long conversations are not possible in non-verbal communication. 
  • It can be costly as Neon signs, PowerPoint presentation movies involve huge cost. 

7. Write the steps to remove the password from a file. [2]

Ans. The steps to remove a password from a file are: 

Click “File” and “Save As.” Choose the option that saves the file with the “. “xlt” extension. Uncheck the option in the bottom left corner that says “Save with password.” Press “Save”. 

8. How does yoga help to manage stress? [2] 

Ans. Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing and meditation or relaxation. It helps in stress management by relaxing the body and mind, develop a connection between them releasing emotional energy and helping to breathe more effectively. 

9. What do you mean by entrepreneur? [2] 

Ans. An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. Entrepreneurs are innovators, who use the process of entrepreneurship to shatter the status quo of existing products and services, in order to set and new products, new services. 

10. Explain any two functions of an entrepreneur. [2]

Ans. Two functions of an entrepreneur are as follows: 

 (i) Innovation It includes introducing new products, opening new markets, new sources of raw material and new organisation structure. 

(ii) Risk-taking Choosing one among various alternatives, the end results of which are unpredictable. 

• Answer any 4 out of the given 6 questions in 20-30 words each. [2 x 4 = 8 Marks] 

11. How can you define OLE? [2]

Ans. OLE objects Use an OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) object to insert in a presentation either a new document or an existing one. Embedding inserts a copy of the object and details of the source program in the target document, that is the program which is associated to the file type in the operating system. The major benefit of an OLE object is that it is quick and easy to edit the contents just by double-clicking on it. You can also insert a link to the object that will appear as an icon rather than an area showing the contents itself. 

12. What is the use of Consolidate option in Calc? [2] 

Ans. Data > Consolidate provides a way to combine data from two or more ranges of cells into a new range while running one of the several functions (such as Sum or Average) on the data. During consolidation, the contents of cells from several sheets can be combined into one place. The effect is that copies of the identified ranges are stacked with their top left corners at the specified result position, and the selected operation is used in each cell to calculate the result value. 

13. State any two ways of inserting sheets in a workbook? [2]

Ans. Two ways of inserting sheets in a workbook are as follows: 

  • Select Insert > Sheet from the Menu Bar. 
  • Right-click on the sheet tab and click on Insert Sheet. 

14. How Entry Required and Default Value properties of a table field in a database are different from each other? [2] 

Ans. Entry Required If it sets to yes then it will be necessary for the user to insert the value in the field, which means that field cannot be left blank. While Default Value can be set for a field, if user doesn’t provide any value while making entries in the table. 

15. What is Referential Integrity? Explain its purposes. [2] 

Ans. (i) Referential Integrity is a property of data stating that all its references are valid. In the context of relational databases, it is required that if a value of one attribute of a relation references a value of another attribute, then the referenced value must exist. 

(ii) Referential integrity is a database concept that is used to build and maintain logical relationships between tables. It is also used to avoid logical corruption of data. It is a very useful and important part in RDBMS. Usually, referential integrity is made up of the combination of a primary key and a foreign key. 

16. What is Internet Service Provider? [2] 

Ans. ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the Internet. Internet Service Provider is used to join the Internet. Internet services typically provided by ISPs include Internet access, Internet transit, domain name registration, web hosting and usenet service. ISP does not provide E-mail address. e.g. MTNL, BSNL, Airtel etc. 

• Answer any 3 out of the given 5 questions in 50-80 words each. [4×3=12 Marks] 

17. Lavish is preparing notes for his upcoming exams. Help him to write the correct answer of the following:  

(i) Scenario (ii) Absolute link (iii) Relative link (iv) Macro [4] 

Ans. (i) The Scenario is a tool to test “What-if” questions. Each scenario is named and can be edited and formatted separately. When you print the spreadsheet, only the contents of the currently active scenario are printed. 

(ii) An absolute link contains all the information necessary to locate a resource and will stop working only if the target is moved. 

(iii) A relative link locates a resource using an absolute URL as starting point will stop working only if the start and target locations change relative to each other. 

(iv) A macro is a saved sequence of commands or keystrokes that are stored for later use or to be used repeatedly. 

18. Samarjit wants to know about the template. Tell him the definition of the template and also the steps to create a document using it. [4] 

Ans. A template is a document model that you use to create other documents. For example, you can create a template for business reports that have your company’s logo on the first page. New documents created from this template will all have your company’s logo on the first page. Templates can contain anything that regular documents can contain, such as text, graphics, a set of styles, user-specific setup information such as measurement units, language, the default printer, and toolbar and menu customization. 

To use a template to create a document: 

(i) From the main menu, choose File > New > Templates and Documents. The Templates and Documents dialog box opens. 

(ii) In the box on the left, click the Templates icon if it is not already selected. A list of template folders appears in the center box. 

(iii) Double-click the folder that contains the template that you want to use. A list of all the templates contained in that folder appears in the center box. 

(iv) Select the template that you want to use. You can preview the selected template or view the template’s properties 

(a) To preview the template, click the Preview icon. (For the location of the Preview icon) A preview of the template appears in the box on the right. 

(b) To view the template’s properties, click the Document Properties icon. (For the location of the Document 

Properties icon) The template’s properties appear in the box on the right. 

(v) Click Open. The Templates and Documents dialog box closes and a new document based on the selected template opens in Writer. You can then edit and save the new document just as you would any other document. 

19. Consider the following table: SHOPPE [4]


S001ABC ComputeronicsCP
S002All Infotech Media GK II
S003Tech Shoppe CP 
S004Geeks Tecno SoftNehru Place
S005Hitech Tech StoreNehru Place 

(i) How many fields and records are there in SHOPPE table? 

(ii) Write SQL commands for the following: 

(a) Display Id and SName of all the shops located in Nehru Place. 

(b) Display the details alphabetically by SName. 

(c) Display SName of shops whose Area is CP. 

Ans. (i) There are 3 fields and 5 records in the table SHOPPE. 

(ii)  (a) SELECT Id, SName FROM SHOPPE WHERE Area= ‘Nehru Place’; 



20. Your friend’s father owns a restaurant. He manually enters the customers records in a register. You want to explain to him the importance of creating a database in computer. Tell the advantages of using computerized database with the help of the following points: [4] 

(a) Data redundancy (b) Data inconsistency (c) Confidentiality (d) Sharing 

Ans. (a) Data redundancy means duplication of data avoids duplication of data and ensures that there is only one instance of certain data. 

(b) Data inconsistency helps, if a single database is used by multiple users then it ensures that the same data is present for all the users. 

(c) The DBMS can ensure different views for the different users of the database. This keeps the confidentiality of the data safe. 

(d) Different users can use the same database to access the data according to their needs. Hence, DBMS provides sharing of data and resources. 

21. Rahul and Amit are working on a school project assigned to them by their teacher. They have to send instant messages to each other and also do video conferencing after school hours in order to complete the project on time. Tell the use of the following devices used for video conferencing. [4] 

(a) Microphone (b) Web camera (c) Speakers (d) Headsets 

Ans.  (a) Using microphone, the speaker can convey their messages. 

(b) Web camera is used to have a real-life image of the person. 

(c) Speakers are used to listen to the words of the speaker. 

(d) Headsets are used to listen to the speaker without disturbing anyone nearby. 

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