Deleted Syllabus of class 12 Informatics Practices

Informatics Practices – 065
Class XII

Unit-1 Data handling using Pandas – II
Descriptive Statistics: max, min, count, sum, mean, median, mode, quartile, Standard
deviation, variance.
Data Frame operations: Aggregation, group by, Sorting, Deleting and Renaming Index,
Handling missing values – dropping and filling.
Importing/Exporting Data between MySQL database and Pandas.
Data Visualization
, pie chart, frequency polygon, box plot and scatter plot.
: color, style (dashed, dotted), width;

Unit Wise syllabus
; Joining, Merging and Concatenation.
Unit 2: Database Query using SQL

 Create a data frame based on eCommerce data and generate descriptive statistics
(mean, median, mode, quartile, and variance)
 Create a data frame for examination result and display row labels, column labels data
types of each column and the dimensions
 Filter out rows based on different criteria such as duplicate rows.
 Find the sum of each column, or find the column with the lowest mean.
 Locate the 3 largest values in a data frame.
 Subtract the mean of a row from each element of the row in a Data Frame.
 Replace all negative values in a data frame with a 0.
 Replace all missing values in a data frame with a 999.
 Importing and exporting data between pandas and CSV file
 Importing and exporting data between pandas and MySQL database
5.3 Data Management
 Create a new table (order ID, customer Name, and order Date) by joining two tables
(orderID, customer ID, and order Date) and (customer ID, customer Name, contact
Name, country).
 Create a foreign key in one of the two tables mentioned above
 Create a new table (name, date of birth) by joining two tables (student id, name) and
(student id, date of birth).
5.4 Introduction to Computer Networks
Download, install and configure browser.

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