Chapter 1 – Introduction to AI : Foundational Concepts Class 10 Artificial Intelligence CBSE Question Bank


CBSE Class 10 Artificial Intelligence Question Bank

One (01) Mark Questions

Fill in the Blanks:

Que 1. The basis of decision making depends upon the availability of ____________and how we experience and understand it.

Answer: information/data/conditions/ past experience/ knowledge/awareness.

Que 2. A machine can also become intelligent if it is trained with _________ which helps them achieve its tasks

Answer: data


Que 3. A machine is artificially intelligent when it can accomplish tasks by itself.

Answer: True

Que 4. Is a smart washing machine an example of an Artificially Intelligent devices?

Answer: False

Que 5. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube etc. show us recommendations on the basis of what we like.

Answer: True

Direct Question:

Que 6. What do you understand by linguistic Intelligence?

Answer: Linguistic intelligence means intelligence to understand and interpret human natural language and try to extract meaning out of it.


Linguistic Intelligence refers to the ability of an individual to understand both written and spoken language and the additional ability to write and speak the language too.


This is the intelligence of language and communication. It includes the ability to speak, articulate, and express, and convey one’s thoughts and feelings to the outside world in one or more languages. This can be at an oral and written level. It also includes the ability to listen to and to understand other people.

Que 7. What do you understand by Interpersonal Intelligence?

Understanding human emotions, feelings and influenced by them is known as interpersonal intelligence.


Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to communicate with others by understanding other people’s feelings, being influenced by the person.


Interpersonal intelligence refers to the ability of a person to relate well with people and manage relationships. It enables people to understand the needs and motivations of those around them, which helps strengthen their overall influence.


Interpersonal intelligence refers to the ability to understand social situations and the behavior of other people.

CBSE Question Bank – AI – Class 10 – Chapter 1 Foundational Concepts

Que 8. Define Artificial Intelligence.

Answer: A machine is artificially intelligent when it can accomplish tasks by itself – collect data, understand it, analyze it, learn from it, and improve it.


When a machine possesses the ability to mimic human traits, i.e., make decisions, predict the future, learn and improve on its own, it is said to have artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software think intelligently, in a similar manner to how intelligent humans think.


AI is a form of intelligence; a type of technology and a field of study. AI theory and development of computer systems (both machines and software) are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence works to implement human intelligence in machines: creating systems that understand, think, learn, and behave like humans.


Artificial Intelligence or AI for short, refers to any technique that enables computers to mimic human intelligence. An artificially intelligent machine works on algorithms and data fed to it and gives the desired output.

Que 9. Mention two types of machines which have evolved with time.

Answer: Television/Mobile Phones/ Ceiling Fans/ Microwave ovens/ Headphones / Speakers/
Harvesters/ Refrigerators/Air Conditioners etc.

Que 10. What do you understand by mathematical and logical reasoning?

Answer: A person’s ability to regulate, measure, and understand numerical symbols, abstraction and logic.


Reasoning is based on previous established facts. To establish a new fact or truth one
has to put it to the test of reasoning. If the new fact coincides with the previously
established facts, it is called logical or rational. It is the ability of a person to regulate,
measure and understand numerical symbols, abstraction and logic.

CBSE Question Bank – AI – Class 10 – Chapter 1 Foundational Concepts

Two (02) Mark Questions

Que 11. Mention four examples of artificially intelligent applications in our smartphones.

Answer: Phone Smart Lock / Snapchat filter / Shopping websites / Netflix / YouTube / Face Detection / Google Maps / Emotions recognition / Google assistant / Natural language recognition / image detection / beauty filters etc.
(2 marks for any four right examples)

Que 12. How does a machine become Artificially Intelligent?

Answer: A machine becomes intelligent by training with data and algorithms. AI machines keep updating their knowledge to optimize their output.


Machines also become intelligent once they are trained with some information that helps them achieve their tasks. AI machines also keep updating their knowledge to optimize their output.

Que 13. Mention four examples of machines that are not AI but confused with AI.


Mention four examples of machines that are smart but not AI.

Answer: Automatic gates in shopping malls / remote control drones/ a fully automatic washing
machine/ Air Conditioner/ Refrigerator/ Robotic toy cars/ Television etc.

Que 14. How does learning and adapting help an AI machine in improvising itself?

Answer: An artificially intelligent machine collects real-time data and tries to figure out new patterns in it. Machines learn in a similar way human being; by supervision or by observation and respond according to past experiences in similar scenarios. A machine learns from its mistakes. The more the machine gets trained on data, the more accurate result it gives.

For example:
Any virtual assistant initially trained with few basic instructions, but with time, the machine captures the data fed by the user, may be the wake-up time of the user, sleeping time, dinner time and so on. Later in time, the machine gives reminders of similar things on the basis of data and adapts these new commands.


Just as humans learn how to walk and then improve this skill with the help of their experiences, an AI machine too gets trained first on the training data and then optimizes itself according to its own experiences which makes AI different from any other technological device/machine.

Que 15. Pick the odd one out and justify your answer:
a. Snap Chat Filter b. Face Lock in Phone
c. Chatbot d. Image search Option

Answer: Chatbot (1 marks), as it is NLP based, the other three are Computer vision based. (1marks for justification).

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