Class 9 Unit 2 AI Project Cycle Question Answer

Class 9 Artificial Intelligence – Unit 2: AI Project Cycle

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Class 9 AI Unit 2 AI Project Cycle

Session 1: Introduction to AI Project Cycle


1. What is AI Project Cycle?

Answer: An AI project undergoes some phases from its limitation to closure, which is known as AI Project Cycle.

2. What are the different stages of AI Project Cycle?

Answer: Different stages of AI Project Cycle are-

  • Problem Scoping
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Exploration
  • Modelling
  • Evaluation

3. What is Problem Scoping?

Answer: The stage in which the aim, scope and goals of the project undertaken are decided, is called Problem Scoping.

4. What is Data Acquisition?

Answer: Data acquisition means collecting and compiling the relevant data in such a way that it is used to train the AI System. This data is the source and base of the entire AI framework.

5. What is Data Exploration?

Answer: Data Exploration stage is used to explore the data and try to put it uniformly for a better understanding. In this stage, the data are explored to choose the possible models and clean & normalise the data.

6. What is Modelling?

Answer: Modelling phase of AI project cycle is to model the data that will be used for the prediction.

Modelling is use for presenting the data to the AI systems in such a way that should perfume predictions which meet the goals set in problem scoping.

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