Class 10 Info Tech Unit 3 RDBMS Session 2 – Create and Edit Tables Using Wizard & SQL Commands 50+ Question Answer

Class 10 Information Technology [402]

Unit 3 Relational Database Management System

300+ Important Question Answer based on NCERT book.

Session 2 – Create and Edit Tables using Wizard & SQL Commands

Question Answers cum Notes

1. How data is organized in RDBMS?

Answer: Data in a relational database management system (RDBMS) is organized in the form of tables.

2. What is RDBMS?

Answer: A relational database is a collective set of multiple data sets organized by tables, records and columns. Relational databases establish a well-defined relationship between database tables. Tables communicate and share information, which facilitates data searchability, organization and reporting.

3. What are the uses of SQL in RDBMS?

Answer: SQL used by Relational Database. It is a standard user application that provides an easy programming interface for database interaction.

4. What is the table?

Answer: A table is a set of data elements (values) that is organized using a model of vertical columns(which are identified by their name) and horizontal rows.

5. Write the properties of the Table?

Answer: A table has the following properties:-

(a) A table has a defined number of columns.

(b) A table can have any number of rows.

(c) Each row is identified by the values appearing in a particular column identified as a unique key index or the key field.

6. What is a Column?

Answer: A column is a set of data values of a particularly simple type, one for each row of the table.
The columns provide the structure according to which the rows are composed. For example, cFirstName, or cLastName are fields in a row.

A Column is also known as Fields or Attributes or Data items.

7. What are Rows?

Answer: A row also called a Record or Tuple represents a single, data item in a table. Each row in a table represents a set of related data, and every row in the table has the same structure.

8. How can you start Base?

Answer: To open OpenOffice,

Click Start > Programs > 4 >

Or Double-click on the 4 shortcut on the desktop if available.

Or Click Start>Programs> 4> Base.

9. Which wizard is open when you start Base?

Answer: When we open Base, it will start Database Wizard for creating a database. Base > Database Wizard

10. What can you do with the Base Database Wizard?

Answer: Database Wizard can be used to create a new database, open an existing database file, or connect to a database stored on a server.

11. List the various steps of Database Wizard?

Answer: Database Wizard has two steps :

(a) Select Database, and

(2) Save and Proceed.

12. Write steps to create a Database in Base.

Answer: Steps to create a Database using Database Wizard –

(a) Open the Database wizard,

(b) Select Create a new database,

(c) Click Next,

(d) Click Finish,

(e) The Save As dialog box appears, Specify a name for the database,

(f) Click Save.

13. What is the extension of the database file in Base?

Answer: .odb

14. What is the use of Tables in a Database?

Answer: Tables are the basic building blocks of a database. The table is the actual container of Data in the database.

15. In How many ways you can create a table in Base?

Answer: After creating a Database, it is time to create a table. In Base, a table can be created in two ways:-

(a) Create a table in Design View, and

(b) Use Wizard to Create Table

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