Class 10 IT Code 402 Unit 4 Web Applications Security Session 6 Using Offline Blog Editors Question Answer

Unit 4 Web Application and Security

Session 6 : Using Offline Blog Editors

Important Question Answers

1. Mr. Kunal does not have any active internet connection, but he wants to create a blog and publish also? Suggest how he can do this?

Answer: As we know, if you don’t have an active internet connection, then you can create the blog using an offline blog application and publish the blog whenever internet connectivity is available.

2. Write the name of three offline blog editors.

Answer: There are so many offline blog editors available which can be downloaded and installed. Some free blog editors are –

(a) Qumana (b) Windows Live Writer (c) Blogdesk

3. What is Qumana?

Answer: Qumana is a free blog application that is simple and easy to use.

To use Qumana, you need to download and Install Qumana.

4. How can you download Qumana?

Answer: Qumana can be downloaded from .

5. Write steps to launch Qumana.

Answer: To launch Qumana,

Click Start > Programs > Qumana > Qumana.


You can also Double-click on the Qumana icon on the desktop if available.

6. How can you configure (setup) Qumana for your WordPress blog?

Answer: To configure or set up your Qumana, do the following steps:-

  • First launch Qumana, then enter your WordPress blog address and click next.
  • A login window appears, enter your WordPress account.
  • Give the WordPress blog address in the Web address field.
  • Enter the Username and password of the WordPress account.
  • Click Next > Finish

A window is similar to the one below appears.

Qumana 3.2 Download (Free) - Qumana.exe
Picture Source (Credit) : Qumana software

If posts are already available in your blog, Qumana will download and display the existing blogs as well.

7. How can you create a post in Qumana?

Answer: To create a post,

  • Click New Post.
  • A window similar to the one below will be displayed (figure below).
Qumana: An Easy-to-Use Alternative to Desktop Blogging - Make Tech Easier
  • Enter the title for the post in the Title field and the post content in the area given below the page title.
  • Click Publish Post.

8. How to view the published content?

Answer: To view the published content, open the web browser and type your blog address. It will open your blog.

9. How can you insert a picture in post Qumana ?

Answer: To insert a picture,

• Click on the image icon on the right-hand side of the application.

• Once you click the image icon, the following window will be displayed.

• Click Browse to locate the image that you want to publish in the blog.

• Once you click “Browse”, the OS browse window appears, enabling you to locate the image to be loaded. When you have chosen the image click Upload & Insert.

• Click Publish Post.

10. What is Windows Live Writer?

Answer: Windows Live Writer is a desktop blog-publishing application that was developed by Microsoft and distributed as part of the Windows Live suite of apps.

11. What is Blogdesk?

Answer: BlogDesk is the software you run on your desktop and lets you post to your blog. It is an offline blog editor.

You don’t need to be on the internet to create a new post, but the next time you connect to the internet, your post and all it’s pictures will be uploaded. You can even post to multiple blogs.

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