Class 10 IT Code 402 Unit 4 Web Applications Security Session 11 Protect Health and Safety at Work Question Answer

Unit 4 Web Application and Security

Session 11 : Protect Health and Safety at Work

Important Question Answers

1. What are Hazards?

Answer: A hazard is anything that is the source of any potential harm, damage, or any kind of potential loss of health or life.

2. How many types of Hazards?

Answer: Hazards can be of different types depending on the industry and the environment in which the employees work.

The different types of hazards include:
● Physical
● Chemical
● Biological
● Mechanical

3. Write five sources of hazards at the workplace?

Answer: Sources of hazards at workplace are – Things, Substance, Materials, Source of Energy, Condition, Process, Practice, Behaviour, etc.

4. How the workstation should be managed to avoid the different hazards?

Answer: To avoid the hazard the workstation should be :

  • provide sufficient space for the user to alter position comfortably
  • provide adequate lighting
  • have windows fitted with adjustable coverings to alter the sunlight level
  • be spacious enough when a workstation is shared by more than one person

5. How the display screen should be placed to avoid the hazards?

Answer: To avoid the hazard the display screen should be :

  • display well-defined characters of adequate size and spacing
  • have a stable image
  • have easily adjustable brightness and contrast
  • tilt and swivel easily to suit the user
  • be free from glare and reflections
  • Use a separate base for the screen or an adjustable table

6. How the keyboard should be managed to avoid the hazards?

Answer: To avoid the hazard the keyboard should be :

  • be able to tilt easily and should be able to separate from the screen to allow the user to adopt a comfortable working position
  • have space in front to provide support for the hands or arms of the user
  • have a matt surface
  • have clearly legible symbols on the keys

7. How the work surface should be managed to avoid the hazards?

Answer: To avoid the hazard the work surface should be :

  • provide adequate space for the user
  • have a low reflective surface
  • be of an adequate size to allow the screen, keyboard, and other peripherals to be flexibly arranged
  • have a stable and adjustable document holder, which should be at the same level as the screen and at the same viewing distance

8. What do you mean by Evacuation?

Answer: Evacuation is the process of emptying a place in case of an emergency, or disaster.

9. What points must be followed by every company for Evacuation?

Answer: Every company must ensure the following points for evacuation in case of any emergency.

  • (a) An Evacuation Policy.
  • (b) Assembly points / area.
  • (c) Buddy System for disabled or special needs.
  • (d) Floor plans with evacuation routes.
  • (e) Periodic evacuation drills.

10. What is the evacuation policy?

Answer: The set of evacuation rules followed by each and every employee in the company at the time of emergency is called an Evacuation policy.

All the Team Leaders are responsible for informing about the policy to their employees about it. Proper attention must be paid when the Team Leader is informing you about these details.

11. What is the assembly point/area?

Answer: The assembly point/area is a place where all employees are required to assemble after evacuation.

Ensure that every employee/ worker must know where it is.

12. What is a buddy system?

Answer: A system that is specially designed for individuals with special needs or disabilities. This system ensures that differently-abled are assisted and guided out of the premises or the impacted area properly.

If you are a buddy to someone, ensure that your buddy is safe at the assembly point with you.

13. ‘A healthy body has a healthy mind’. Explain it in your own language.

Answer: A healthy body has a healthy mind’, which means if you are having a healthy body, then you can think healthy and you are able to create a healthy environment at home as well as at the workplace. A happy and healthy worker will always perform best of his ability.

14. How healthy lifestyle helps you?

Answer: Healthy Lifestyle leads to a healthy being. A healthy lifestyle helps to keep and improve people’s health and well-being.

A healthy lifestyle takes needs practice, commitment, and sincere efforts.

15. What includes a healthy lifestyle?

Answer: A healthy lifestyle includes :

  • healthy eating habits
  • physical activities
  • stress management
  • healthy mind
  • sound sleep
  • goal setting

Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!

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