Class 10 IT Code 402 Unit 4 Web Applications Security Session 4 Chatting with a Contact Google Talk Question Answer

Unit 4 Web Application and Security

Session 4 : Chatting with a Contact – Google Talk

Important Question Answers

1. Which color dot indicates your friend in the contact is online?

Answer: Green color dot

2. How can you start chatting with your friends on Google Talk?

Answer: You need to double click on a contact. A window will pop up , in that you can type the text in the text box and press enter; the other person will see the text message and respond to your message.

3. What general rules and etiquette you must follow while chatting?

Answer: General rules and Etiquettes to be followed while chatting are –

(i) Messages should be short and to the point.

(ii) Always introduce yourself by name if your screen name doesn’t reflect it.

(iii) Always ask if the other person has time to chat.

(iv) In a business environment, know exactly what you want to discuss.

(v) Never type messages in uppercase. It is extremely rude, considered shouting, and very aggressive.

(vi) Give people time to respond.

(vii) Wherever possible, give the person you are communicating with your undivided attention.

(viii) It’s important to properly end an IM conversation.

4. Is it possible to chat on Gmail?

Answer: Yes! Possible.

5. How can you chat with your contact on Gmail?

Answer: Chatting on Gmail is similar to Google Talk. After signing into your Gmail account, double-click on the contact’s name. You will see a pop-up, where you can type your message and send it to your friends.

6. What types of chatting are allowed by using a Gmail Account?

Answer: By using Gmail Account, You can chat through Voice chats, Text chats, Video chats, etc.

7. What is Yahoo! Messenger?

Answer: Yahoo! Messenger is an IM software that allows sending instant messaging to others.

8. How can you download and install Yahoo! Messenger?

Answer: To install Yahoo! Messenger, first you need to download it from .

After downloading, double click on the installer, it will install Yahoo! Messenger on your computer.

9. What you must have to use Yahoo! Messenger?

Answer: To use Yahoo! Messenger, you must have a Yahoo! Mail account.

If you don’t have you can create it by using the built-in option, available in Yahoo! Messenger.

10. How can you chat with your friends on Yahoo! Messenger?

Answer: To chat with friends on Yahoo! Messenger (IM), first you need to create a contact by sending an invite using a Yahoo! Mail account.

Double click on any contact, to start chatting with him/her.

11. In how many ways you can create contacts on Yahoo! Messenger?

Answer: To create contacts on Yahoo! Messenger, you can use the following methods –

(i) Send an invite using the Yahoo! Mail account.

(ii) Use the import option.

You can import your contacts from other sources such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

12. Write three names of other chat services?

Answer: MSN, Rediff, Sify

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