Class 10 IT Code 402 Unit 4 Web Applications Security Session 10 Prevent Accidents and Emergencies Question Answer

Unit 4 Web Application and Security

Session 10 : Prevent Accidents and Emergencies

Important Question Answers

1. What do you mean by Accident?

Answer: An accident is an unplanned event that may happen all of a sudden and may lead to unwanted or unprecedented results/outcomes.


It can be defined as an unfortunate incident that occurs unintentionally causing hazardous results or injury or unwanted results.

2. How many types of Accidents?

Answer: Accidents may be of the following types :

  • Slips and fall accidents, fire
  • Industrial disease/illness
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Clinical Accidents
  • Sports-related accidents

3. What do you mean by Workplace Accidents?

Answer: Accidents occur at the workplace, called Workplace Accidents.

Workplace accidents may include injuries that are caused to the workers due to falls, slips, and trips

4. List some injuries that may happen due to slips and falls.

Answer: Slip and fall accidents may occur in any working environment and the injuries may vary from minor aches to major severe accidents.

Some injuries suffered might include fracture, sprain, knee or elbow injury, wrist or head injuries, etc.

5. How can you handle the accidents?

Answer: Accidents must be handled carefully. The accident should be handled compassionately without assigning blame to others.

6. List out the five safety measures to handle the accidents?

Answer: Safety measures to handle the accidents are:-

  • An organization must follow the SOP for accident handling.
  • Safety measures must be placed to prevent workplace accidents.
  • Immediately call the medical team for any injury.
  • Stay alert.
  • Pay attention to and follow emergency drills.

7. What is an Emergency?

Answer: Any unexpected situation that needs immediate attention and action, is called an Emergency.

An emergency situation might pose a sudden risk to life, property health, etc. and needs intervention to prevent deteriorating results/ hazards.

8. What do you mean by the Emergency situation?

Answer: An emergency situation is one that:

● threatens the employees, customers, or the public.
● disrupts or shuts down the operations.
● causes physical or environmental damage.

9. How can you handle the Emergency situation?

Answer: An emergency must be handled immediately to prevent further losses and minimize the loss.

One must be alert to notice any kind of emergency that may occur at home, school, or workplace.

Hence it becomes an essential requirement to have an emergency plan to minimize the loss and recover from an emergency.

10. How many types of Emergency?

Answer: Types of Emergency are-

  • Chemical spills
  • Extreme heatwaves
  • Droughts
  • Pandemics
  • Terrorist attack
  • Fire
  • Floods
  • Thunderstorms
  • Leakage of some hazardous gas/ chemical

11. What is Disaster?

Answer: The situation of emergency occurs due to natural calamities or some human activity called Disaster.

12. List out the types of emergency that need evacuation.

Answer: Some of the types of emergencies that require evacuation are:
● Fire
● Explosion
● Floods
● Earthquake
● Hurricane
● Tornado
● Toxic material release
● Civil disturbance
● Workplace violence

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