Class 10 IT Code 402 Unit 4 Web Applications Security Session 9 Maintain Workplace Safety Question Answer

Unit 4 Web Application and Security

Session 9 : Maintain Workplace Safety

Important Question Answers

1. What do you mean by Workplace Safety?

Answer: Workplace safety means a safe environment in which employees can work with minimal risk to their health.

2. Who is responsible for workplace safety?

Answer: The employer is responsible to ensure and implement workplace safety measures.

3. What basic safety rules are to be followed at the workplace?

Answer: Basic safety rules to follow at the workplace – Fire safety, Falls and slips, Electrical safety, Use of first aid.

4. What are the basic fire safety rules in the organization?

Answer: Basic fire safety rules in an organization are –

  • Fire escape plans must be installed at the proper levels.
  • Conduct regular drills.
  • Smoke alarms must be placed at proper intervals.
  • Keep the workplace a no-smoking zone.
  • Maintenance of safety equipment must be taken care of regularly.

5. What are the Falls and Slips safety rules in the organization?

Answer: Falls and Slips safety rules in an organization are –

  • Keep the moving area clean and clutter-free.
  • The workplace must be properly ventilated to receive light.
  • Wear non-slippery footwear.
  • Floors must be clean and dry
  • Oil spills and dust must be immediately cleaned.

6. How can we keep ourselves safe from electrical hazards and accidents?

Answer: By using the following measures we can save ourselves from electrical hazards and accidents –

  • Electrical equipment used should be approved by a recognized organization.
  • Workers should be trained to handle the electric equipment safely
  • Damaged and hazardous electrical equipment should be immediately replaced. All old workout and frayed switches and wires should be changed.
  • Heat emanating equipment should be kept away from the electrical equipment.
  • Take care that the outlets/ circuits should not be overloaded.
  • Switch off and unplug the electrical appliances before cleaning or relocating them.

7. What is First Aid?

Answer: First Aid is the immediate assistance provided to the injured to save lives and minimize health loss till the proper medical aid/ facility is provided.

8. Why First Aid is important?

Answer: First Aid is important because, If it is provided effectively and on time then it may save a life. That’s why it is necessary to –

(a) First Aid learn by every human being.

(b) Every organization must have a basic First Aid Kid.

(c) Kit must have all necessary items.

(d) Ensure that the medicines inside the kit must not be expired.

9. What are the rules of First Aid?

Answer: Rules for First Aid are –

  • Assure the injured to remain calm and not panic.
  • Keep them warm if they are under shock.
  • Do not move the victim in case of back/neck injury

10. What is an Occupational hazard?

Answer: An occupational hazard is the illness one may acquire due to his occupation.

Like people working in a chemical factory may get affected due to the presence of certain chemicals.

11. List any six types of Occupational hazards.

Answer: Types of occupational hazards are –

  • Physical hazards,
  • Chemical hazards,
  • Biological hazards,
  • Behavioral hazards,
  • Radiological hazards,
  • Ergonomic hazards.

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