Class 10 IT Code 402 Unit 4 Web Applications Security Session 7 Online Transactions Question Answer

Unit 4 Web Application and Security

Session 7 : Online Transactions

Important Question Answers

1. What do you mean by Online Transactions?

Answer: Online Transactions means transaction occurs over the internet. Online transactions deal with the transfer of money over the internet.

2. What are the advantages of Online Transactions?

Answer: Advantages of Online Transactions are:- (a) Transactions are very convenient. (b) Transactions are simplified. (c) Handling transactions is easy.

3. What is the full form of OLTP?

Answer: OLTP stands for Online Transaction Process.

4. How can you make the OLTP safe and secure?

Answer: With the help of protocols and security measures you can make OLTP safe and secure.

5. Give three examples of OLTP.

Answer: Examples of OLTP:- (a) Deposit or withdraw money from an ATM machine. (b) Doing bill payments using debit/credit cards. (c) Online funds transfer using NEFT / RTGS.

6. What are the benefits of Online transactions.

Answer: Benefits of online transactions are –

(a) Fast transaction speed

(b) Convenience,

(c) Low risk of theft

7. What is Online shopping?

Answer: Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce where customers can buy or sell goods over the Internet.

8. What are the basic requirements for Online shopping?

Answer: (a) To Explore:- Customers need to have an active internet connection for viewing goods or services offered by a seller.

(b) To Pay:- Customers can pay online using a credit, debit card or internet banking.

9. In which situations Online shopping is useful?

Answer: Online shopping is useful in the following situations –

  • A customer does not have sufficient time to visit stores.
  • Visiting a store is more expensive than purchasing a product online.
  • A product or service that is not available in the local market is available online.

10. Write the name of four popular online transaction websites.

Answer: Popular online transaction websites are:- IRCTS, Flipkart, eBay, Redbus, Amazon, Meesho

11. Match the following:-

Column – AColumn – B
(a) IRCTC(i) an online portal for buying and selling goods.
(b) Flipkart(ii) an online portal for booking bus tickets.
(c) EBay(iii) an online portal for booking flight and train tickets.
(d) Redbus(iv) an online shopping portal for buying consumer products.

Answer: (a) – iii ; (b) – iv ; (c) – i ; (d) – ii

11. Mr. Anjeev wants to do an online transaction. What he needs to do that except computer and smartphone.

Answer: To perform an online transaction, Mr. Anjeev needs (a) a web browser and (b) an active internet connection.

12. If you don’t have Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI and Netbanking, then which payment method you will use for online purchasing?.

Answer: COD – Cash on the Delivery payment method can be used.

13. What is Flipkart?

Answer: Flipkart is an online store where you can purchase a variety of electronic goods, books, accessories, digital cameras, mobile phones, and peripherals such as printers, etc.

14. What types of payment methods are offered by Flipkart?

Answer: Flipkart offers multiple payment methods like

  • credit card,
  • debit card,
  • net banking,
  • e-gift voucher, and
  • Cash on Delivery.

15. What do you need to work with Flipkart? How can you start Flipkart?

Answer: To work with Flipkart, you need to use a web browser and an active internet connection.

To start Flipkart, follow these steps:-
• Open any Browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer
• Type in the address bar and press Enter.

16. To perform transactions, what do you need to do on Flipkart?

Answer: To perform transactions using Flipkart, you need to sign up for a Flipkart account.

18. How to do Sign Up on Flipkart?

Answer: To Sign Up on Flipkart, you need to click on the sign-up link, available at the top of the web page of Flipkart.

Now enter your Email Address / Mobile Number, Set your Password and click on Sign up Now!.

19. What is IRCTC?

Answer: IRCTC is an online portal that can be used for booking travel tickets.

20. What is the full form of IRCTC?

Answer: IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

21. What is the URL of IRCTC?


22. What are the basic requirements to book a ticket from IRCTC?

Answer: To book a ticket from IRCTC, you required the following things-

(a) You must have a valid user account on IRCTC.

(b) Web Browser

(c) Active Internet Connection

23. How do you book a ticket on IRCTC?

Answer: To book a ticket on IRCTC, follow these steps:-

(a) Type in your web browser.

(b) Click on the login button (on the top left side), if you are not having a valid user id, then click on the Register button.

(c) Search your train by providing From Station, To Station, and Date of Journey.

(d) Select the train and click on book ticket.

(e) Fill in the passenger’s details.

(f) Select the payment method and make payment.

(g) Your ticket was booked successfully.

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