Class 10 Employability Skills Unit 5 Green Skills Question and Answer

Employability Skills – Question Answer

Unit 5 : Green Skills

1. Which nature element was worshiped by our ancestor?

Answer : The Sun, The Ganges and The Banyan

2. Write the name of five elements of nature?

Answer : Five elements of nature are

(i) Prithvi (Earth), (ii) Agni (Fire), (iii) Jal (Water), (iv) Vaayu (Air), and (v) Aakash (Space)

3. What is considered as supreme by our ancestor?

Answer : Out ancestor considered nature as supreme and worshipped these elements.

4. Why we are facing scarcity of natural elements today?

Answer : We are facing scarcity of natural elements due to –

(a) Neglecting the vitality of these elements.

(b) fulfilling the unending wants,

(c) exploiting the nature

5. Write the five scarcity which we are facing these days?

Answer : The list of scarcity is very long. Some important scarcity are –

(a) Scarcity of clean water to drink,

(b) Scarcity of pure air to breathe,

(c) Scarcity of unadulterated food,

(d) rising issue of global warming,

(e) Depletion of ozone layer.

6. What is the solution of these global problems?

Answer : The Solution of these rising global problems is only one – SUSTANABILITY.

7. What is the meaning of Sustainability?

Answer : As per Collins English Dictionary, the meaning of Sustainability is ‘the ability to be maintained at a steady level’

8. What is Sustainability?

Answer : : Sustainability is an art of living where we respect our environment and make use of the available resources only to the extent where we can replenish what is available to us for the accessibility of future generation.

9. What is the focus and aim of Sustainability?

Answer : Sustainability focuses on how human beings can live in peace and harmony with nature without creating ecological disturbance.

The aim is that we visualize the long term impact of our actions on environment and take corrosive measures to maintain balance between our demands and the supply of natural resources.

10. What is the classic definition of Sustainable development?

Answer : The classis definition of Sustainable development is “the development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

11. What is the focus of Sustainable development?

Answer : Sustainable development focuses on long term, integrated approach to develop a healthy, social and economically viable society.

12. What is the aim of Sustainable development?

Answer : The aim is to inculcate the value of self-resistance amongst the people to save natural resources for everyone to utilize judiciously and still ensuring its availability for future generations.

13. How can we contribute to create a Sustainable Society?

Answer : We can contribute to create a Sustainable Society by following 4Rs’ and 1U of Sustainability.


14. Briefly explain:


Answer : REFUSE : We must REFUSE to use such a product which harm the environment, to create a sustainable environment.

REDUCE : If not able to REFUSE, we must REDUCE to use such a product which harm the environment, to create a sustainable environment.

REUSE : In order to reduce the waste generation, we must try to REUSE the product as far as possible.

RECYCLE : After reusing the product, we must try to recycle it as far as possible, to create a sustainable development.

UPCYCLING : Upcycling is the process to upcycled the product with creativity and innovation, to give a new look to the old product and making it look desirable.

15. What are the importance of Sustainable Development?

Answer : The importance of sustainable development are –

(i) Judicious use of resources is of prime importance.

(ii) The quality of basic resources is deteriorating leading to major health concerns such as Cancer, Bronchitis etc. Sustainability will help to curb these problems.

(iii) Sustainability development ensure proper balance between the distribution of available resources.

(iv) Sustainable Development helps to control environmental problems like Climate Change, Emission of Green House gases, etc.

(v) Sustainable Development will also promote economic growth.

(vi) Sustainable Development reduces the environmental risks and strikes ecological balance, called Green Economy.

(vii) Introduction of Solar Power Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Electric Vehicles etc. will not only help in protecting Environment but shall also contribute in Saving money and resources.

16. To promote Sustainable Development, What driving forces are must be considered?

Answer : The following driving forces may be considered to promote Sustainable Development:

i. Protecting and living in harmony with the Nature
ii. Considering all human being as equal
iii. Promoting good governance
iv. Using Science & Technology responsibly
v. Creating healthy, social and economically viable society

17. How many SDG adopted by United Nations Member states and in which year?

Answer : To ensure that Sustainable Development is ensured in our communities and world at large United Nations Member States in 2015 adopted 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

18. What are the main objectives of SDG?

Answer : SDGs are integrated and recognize that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, and that development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.

19. What are the 17 SDG’s?

Answer : The 17 SDG’s are :-

(i) No poverty (ii) Zero Hunger (iii) Good Health and Well Being (iv) Quality Education (v) Gender Equality (vi) Clean water and Sanitation (vii) Affordable and Clean Energy (viii) Decent Work and Economic Growth (ix) Industry Innovation and Infrastructure (x) Reduced Inequalities (xi) Sustainable Cities and Communities (xii) Responsible Consumption and Production (xiii) Climate Action (xiv) Life Below Water (xv) Life on Land (xvi) Peace, Justice and Strong Institution (xvii) Partnership for the Goals.

20. Who is responsible for Sustainable Development?

Answer : Sustainable Development cannot be looked upon as a responsibility of a person, a community, a city or a nation.

To achieve Sustainability for next generation, the whole world needs to come as one.

21. What are the problems related to Sustainable Development?

Answer : The biggest problems related to Sustainable Development are –

(i) Population : The major challenge to change the mind set or behavior of those large population, which is living an underprivileged life. For them earning a meal each day is a challenge.

(ii) Unemployment is the another problem for Sustainable Development. Any means of earning whether sustainable or not is their ray of hope.

(iii) Climate change : Striking a balance in the food chain due to Climate Change is a big responsibility.

(iv) Exploitation of Resources : In pursuit of maximising the profit they overuse and exploit the resources.

(v) The race of becoming developed nation, ensuring world peace is a global challenge.

(vi) Making and Execution of full proof policy : Many countries are only talking about it, they are not executing the policy properly.

(vii) Insensitive to sustainable development : Huge world population are insensitive towards the sustainable development.

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