Class 10 Information Technology 402 Sample and Practice Paper with answer key

Class 10 Info Tech 402

Sample (Practice) Paper – 1

Max. Time Allowed: 60 Minutes (1 Hrs.)                                                                       

Max. Marks: 25

General Instructions:

1. Please read the instructions carefully

2. This Question Paper is divided into 03 sections, viz., Section A, Section B and Section C.

3. Section A is of 05 marks and has 06 questions on Employability Skills.

4. Section B is of 15 marks and has 20 questions on Subject Specific Skills.

5. Section C is of 05 marks and has 07 competency-based questions.

6. Do as per the instructions given in the respective sections.

7. Marks allotted are mentioned against each section/question.

8. All questions must be attempted in the correct order.


Answer any 5 questions out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills             (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

1.Which Facial expression is known as Positive Facial expression?
a. Smiling
b. Looking here and there
c. Show hand movement while talking
d. Eye contact with audience
2.Write the process of communication in chronological order?
a.  Encoding – feedback – decoding – message -sender
b.  Sender – encoding – Message –decoding – feedback
c.  Sender – encoding – feedback – decoding – message
d.  Sender – feedback – message – encoding – decoding
3.What are the different impacts of taking stress:
a.  improved capacity and capability in workplace
b.  low self-confidence, low immunity, Fatigue
c.  happiness in life, improve self – esteem
d.  proper time management
4.Self-motivation means
a. Volunteering for what you like
b. Work independently
c.  Meditation and Yoga
d. Stay in protective bubble
5.Regular maintenance of your computer system will increase the
a.   Speed and efficiency of system
b.   Life of the system
c.   Both a and b
d.  None of these
6.Unix, Window 2000 are the examples of
a.  Distributed operating system
b.  Multi-tasking operating system
c.   Real Time operating sys
tem d. All of the above


Answer any 15 questions out of the given 20 questions                                              (1 x 15 = 15 marks)

7.In which menu of OpenOffice Writer is the styles and formatting option present?
a.  Format
b.  Home
c.   Insert
d. Review
8.When user group worksheets, he can ___
a.   any change made in one worksheet will also show in other.
b.   Enter variable data on multiple worksheets at one time
c.   You can enter common data formats and formulas on multiple worksheets at a time
d. Both 1 and 2
9.What is the use of Style sheets in OpenOffice Writer?
a.  for page setup
b.  for easy formatting
c.   alignment
d. for printing
10.What is the effect of Smooth graphic filters in OpenOffice Writer?
a.  Soften the contrast of an image.
b.  Harden the contract of an image.
c.   decrease the contact of an image.
d.  Increases the contact of an image
11. _________ is a saved sequence of commands for or keystrokes that are stored for later use.
a.  solver
b.  auto sum
c.   consolidate
d.  macro
12.Which of the following is the default extension of the writer file?
a.  .doc
b.  .docx
c.   .odt
d. obt
13.By default, sheet tab is present at the ____________  of the spreadsheet.
a.  Top
b.  Bottom
c.   Center
d.   Right
14.Which of the following is NOT a step of the merge process?
a. Format Data Source
b. Preview the merge results
c.  Identify the main document
d.  Format a main document
15.Which of the following steps are followed to create a Table of contents?
a.  TABLE -> Indexes and Tables ->OK
b.  HOME -> Indexes and Tables -> OK
c.   INSERT -> Indexes and Tables ->OK
d.  None of these
16.The user needs to create first  _____________ , before creating main document in mail merge.
a.  Hyperlinks
b.  Index and tables
c.   Data source
d.  Both (a) and (b)
17.                                 is the sum of a set of numbers which is then added to another set or sets of numbers to make the grand total. a.   average b.   min c.   max d.  subtotal1
18.Under which menu Scenario option is available?
c.  DATA
19.Consolidating Data means __________ worksheets in one worksheet or master worksheet.
a.  one
b.  multiple
c.   four
d.  five
20.VLOOK function is used to _____________  .
a. looks up text that contain
b. finds related values
c.  checks if two cells are identical
d. None of the above
21.Which key uniquely identify each record? a. primary key b. unique key c. secondary key d. candidate key1
22.Which of the following is/are the advantages of database?
a. Data Sharing
b. Enforcement of standards
c.  Enhanced data security
d.  All of the above
23.Subtotals command is under which menu?
a.  edit
b.  tools
c.   data
d.  Insert
24.What is the maximum number of characters in one cell in Calc spreadsheet?     
a. 6050
25.A circular reference is ____________________   .
a.  reference of cell
b.  visits its own or another cell more than once
c.   a formula either directly or indirectly depends on itself
d.  Geometric modelling tool
26.To insert a column break, select the breaks button on the __________  tab.
a.  insert
b.  page layout
c.   design
d.  home


Answer any 5 questions out of the given 6 questions                                             (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

27.Amita as head of the family wants to make the list of her expenditure and income for monthly budgeting so cost cutting can be done, help her to choose suitable tool.
a. Macro
b. Solver
c. what if scenarios
d. Sub total
28.Nidhi wants her company name to appear in the middle of the document. Help her to find out feature to do so?
a.  template
b.  automatic
c.  style
d.  watermark
29.If Anubhav has two spreadsheets in the same folder linked to each other and then he move the entire folder to a new location, a relative hyperlink will         .
a.  not work
b.  work
c.   may work
d.  none of the above
30.Manjinder has his small pizza shop where on daily basis he used to sold 20 packets of pizza and got monthly profit of 20,000/-. As the raw material rates are increasing and different varieties he has to add, he wants to make estimated profit of rs.25000/- Which method he has to adopt to calculate this?
a.  Consolidating data
b.  Goal Seek
c.   subtotals
d.  cell reference
31.Which of the following statement is correct about ‘CREATE’ table command?
a. It is mandatory to insert at least a single row while creating a table
b. we can assign a data type to column even after creating a table
c.  while creating a table we need to assign a data type to each column
d. None of these
32.KVS head wants to compare the results of their Sangathan so which tool he can use to see graphically comparisons of three different schools of KVS. Which graphical tool he will use to do so?
a.     Linking data
b.     By using goal seek
c.     by showing comparative study by charts
d.     Both a and b
33.Ms. Madhumita sometimes stuck in her work due to her mouse. She is not able to click on start button. Help her to find out solution.
a.  It is not possible to work without mouse.
b.  by pressing together CTRL +ESC
c.   by pressing flying window button
d.  Both b and c

Answer Key:

1. d2. b3. b4. a5. c6. b7. a
8. a9. b10. a11. d12. c13. b14. a
15. c16. c17. d18. d19. b20. a21. a
22. d23. c24. b25. c26. b27. b28. b
29. b30. b31. d32.c33. d  

Class 10 Info. Tech. Sample / Practice Papers with Answer Key

Class 10 Info. Tech and Employability Skills MCQs – Important for Term 1 Examinations

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